ANNY AURORA hoped that housemate CHARLOTTE STOKELY would come to her rescue, but when the slender secretary appeared she was quickly overpowered by SHAY RUSKIN. Before long, the disturbed woman had both friends trapped in rope and seated side-by-side on the floor. After Charlotte likewise denied having any knowledge about Shay's mysterious "stuff", a tape-gag muffled her protests. When Shay returned to tossing their house, her captives turned back-to-back and feverishly attempted to free themselves... [December 5]
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What better way to economize on your nefarious bondage activity than by using shoestrings to keep your captives' wrists and ankles under control? ASHLEY LANE and NATALIE KNIGHT were the first subjects when he invaded their mini-boutique in search of cash. Ashley was alone when he surprised her and bound her wrists with his favorite ligature. Ashley was powerless to warn Natalie of the burglar's presence when her petite partner returned to their shop. Natalie was quickly overpowered, then restrained and silenced in the same manner as Ashley! [December 3]
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When she returned home, lovely ANNY AURORA had a visitor waiting for her -- unfortunately it was a crazed SHAY RUSKIN, who demanded that Anny turn over her "stuff". The blonde said she had no idea what Shay was talking about so she quickly found herself tied up. While Shay searched the house, bound and gagged Anny struggled apprehensively. Returning empty-handed and frustrated, Shay took her interrogation in a new direction by pulling off poor Anny's boots and socks, then tickling her bare soles! [November 28]
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After WINTER JADE and BROOKLYN GRAY were taken from the bed, they stood naked against a wall, their breasts tightly webbed with rope. The bewildered friends mouthed ball-gags as they strained cautiously side-by-side against their undeserved bondage. Despite the worrisome situation, Brooklyn and Winter enjoyed a sensual interlude when they moved closer and their bare breasts made contact. Then Winter edged closer to the corner on her pink-nailed bare feet and pulled aside the large curtain to reveal a mirrored wall that vividly reflected their bound and gagged predicament! [November 26]
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Neither could tell how many hours had passed since the man with the counterfeit smile had turned their lives upside down. Still naked, they stood side-by-side against the wall, their breasts framed by rope that had almost become a second skin and their lips sealed by dark tape. Searching for consolation, SAVANNAH SIXX and DIANA GRACE turned cautiously on their bare feet until their chests touched, a tableau that amused the man on the run. He moved Diana and Savannah back on the couch, where they knelt face-to-face... [November 21]
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Their confusing plight took an alarming direction after WINTER JADE and BROOKLYN GRAY lost their clothes, then were left bound hand and foot in their panties. Gagged with knotted black cloths, the bare-breasted girls twisted awkwardly on the bed and tugged against the ropes linking their ankles to the headboard. When their panties were pulled down below their knees, Brooklyn and Winter intensified their futile contortions while rolling back and forth on their stomachs! [November 19]
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The attractive leaseholders were being ruthlessly manipulated by a greedy homeowner and a clever man without a conscience. Still controlled by the self-described fugitive, SAVANNAH SIXX and DIANA GRACE sat on the floor, backs against their new couch; both of their naked bodies were webbed with rope that pinned their arms behind them and their legs together.! [November 14]
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Bonus update! Microfoam tape-gags muffled SAVANNAH SIXX and DIANA GRACE's voices but didn't entirely prevent them from communicating; while their captor took a break from his strenuous villainy, they swung back-to-back and plucked at each other's knotted wrists. It wasn't long before their predictable initiative was interrupted, and they were separated: Savannah was raised onto the couch, battling against the rope linking her ankles and chest-halter, while Diana remained on the floor, her legs hobbled by a waist-ankle tether. [November 14]
Also from Restrictive Eviction Procedures!

It started out as a perfectly normal day. WINTER JADE was trying on a new outfit. Suddenly the tiny brunette was overpowered by a huge man! He tied Winter's hands behind her back, then stuffed cloth in her mouth and secured it with a double dose of cleave- and over- mouth gags. She quivered in fear as he lifted her roughly into his arms... [November 12]
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Bonus update! Carried to her bed and momentarily left alone, WINTER JADE struggled anxiously! At last she heard BROOKLYN GRAY calling her name. Brooklyn was stunned by the sight of Winter struggling in bondage but quickly removed her gag; before she could untie her friend, however, she was seized by the same tall intruder! Soon Brooklyn sat bound, gagged and barefoot next to Winter. As they writhed in rope and murmured to each other, the baffled pair couldn't imagine why they'd been rendered helpless! [November 12]
Also from Sexy Psyche Majors' Bondage Experiment!

When KIARA COLE and VANNA BARDOT finally lost their clothes, they lay facedown and side-by-side on a bed, their ankles hitched separately to bedposts. Eyes wide above their duct-tape gags, the unfortunate vacationers wriggled in futility on their stomachs while nervously awaiting the terrible being's inevitable return. Next he folded them onto their hips against the bed's headboard where they faced each other. Although rope mastered their naked bodies and prevented escape, Kiara and Vanna tested the bonds with all the intensity they could muster! [November 7]
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Bonus update! Soon SAVANNAH SIXX was also chair-bound alongside housemate DIANA GRACE... [November 5]
Also from Restrictive Eviction Procedures!

SAVANNAH SIXX and DIANA GRACE were in the midst of their lease when their landlord offered them a generous amount to leave the home they were renting. He'd received an even more generous offer to sell the house so was eager to be rid of the renters, but the housemates were happy with their situation and courteously turned down the substantial amount of money they could have received. A few days after her conversation with the landlord, a mysterious invader had Diana bound to a wooden chair in her transparent pink lingerie! [November 5]
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MACKENZIE MOSS and HARMONY WONDER remained in the evil-doer's custody, their naked bodies roped to chairs and their voices muffled with cloth and duct-tape. The courageous paralegals had a surprise in store for their oppressor, however, because they managed to free their legs from rope, then ran in search of escape! But the twists and turns of the collection house bewildered the desperate girls until the irate villain cornered them. The efficient malefactor left them hogtied on the floor! [October 31]
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KIARA COLE lay stretched out on a dining table in her pink leotard; below her, VANNA BARDOT sat on the floor under the control of a lotus-tie. The skull-masked menace was nowhere to be seen, so his tape-gagged captives strained desperately against the bonds he'd applied. Their hearts sank when they saw the awful mask once again; his skeletal fingers vibrated against Kiara's slender bare soles. While Vanna watched, unable to aid her friend, the tiny blonde giggled behind her gag as he tickled his way from her feet to her ribs and underarms! [October 29]
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Eye-catching in a tight crop-top and short shorts, BELLA ROLAND's hidden in a bathroom where she sits mastered with rope and silenced with duct-tape. This courageous detective's not about to remain inert while waiting for help, so her long legs fold as she curls onto her hip, then stretch in front when she decides to edge along the hardwood floor in search of an exit. Bella's expressive eyes reveal her anxiety, but it's likely she won't be in trouble much longer...! [October 24]
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The operative was not surprised when his target tried to stall; the canny trial lawyer wanted more proof of his paralegal's plight before turning over the evidence. So HARMONY WONDER and MACKENZIE MOSS found themselves kneeling bound and tape-gagged on the bed, their naked bodies secured by ropes leading to a horizontal metal bar overhead. The nude girls leaned forward and tugged vigorously against the rope web snaring them, then settled back on their heels when it became clear that they were no match for the knots... [October 22]
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Once VANNA BARDOT and KIARA COLE were tied up and their breasts were exposed, the silent villain slithered between his playthings so he could turn them face-to-face until their nipples made embarrassing contact, and gagged kisses were exchanged! [October 17]
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Once again, BELLA ROLAND and LENA SHELBY commendably refuse to submit meekly -- but the annoyed villains up the ante by hogtying the defiant pair; tape-gagged now, the ladies arch angrily while flexing bare soles hitched close to their hands! [October 15]
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Standing apprehensively against a post, BLAIR WILLIAMS tasted cloth and winced at the sticky sensation of tape against her lips as she was gagged, then felt familiar fingers sliding under the top of her dress to renew their acquaintance with her breasts. Left alone, she strained with renewed energy against the maddening ropework and raised up on sandalled bare feet, feet that would soon feel the annoying sensation of tickling fingers! [October 10]
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MACKENZIE MOSS enjoyed her job as a paralegal at a prestigious law firm. But her emotions swung in a different direction when she was seized by a disguised operative. Mackenzie then received the chilling information that she'd be held until the firm's senior attorney relinquished incriminating evidence to the hooded man's boss! Once Mackenzie was under control, the operative grabbed her colleague HARMONY WONDER as a second pawn to exchange for the evidence! [October 8]
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As soon as they entered it, best friends VANNA BARDOT and KIARA COLE were thrilled by the vacation house where they expected to spend a relaxing week. Just as they were about kick back and unwind, relaxation turned to panic, when a skull-masked figure appeared! Their vacation had turned into a nightmare! The ladies found their wrists tied and their bodies held close together by ropes coiled around their waists, as their demonic oppressor led the barefoot girls around in lockstep! [October 3]
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A steamy encounter with bondage awaits our stars when they're reduced to bras and panties and confined to a bedroom. While busty BELLA ROLAND sits tied on a padded bench, lovely LENA SHELBY reclines in rope against the bed's headboard. Despite the cleave-gags they're mouthing, the determined pair manage to communicate before Bella hops over to the bed so that she can move back-to-back with Lena... [October 1]
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Concerned that BLAIR WILLIAMS hadn't recognized the seriousness of her crime, her zealous mentor moved the location of her instruction to a hard wooden table. There she lay hogtied and futilely attempted to reason with the man. While Blair squirmed on her stomach and murmured in dismay, he calmly pinned her big toes together with string, then relaxed by watching the curvaceous nude arch with amazing flexibility! Turned onto her side, Blair once again listened to reformist exhortations accompanied by manual explorations of her breasts! [September 26]
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Still not satisfied that Eden understood the seriousness of her transgression, the zealous neighbor moved her to a standing position that stabilized her bound body with a rope attached overhead. Gagged with a white cloth, EDEN WELLS twisted carefully in her colorful blouse and tight skirt until she was transferred to a long-legged chair. Rope coiled around her waist and thighs held Eden in place as the desperate woman waged yet another losing battle against the bondage that never seemed to end. [September 24]
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Bonus Update!
The final chapter in a story that Eden would do her best to forget, unfolded with her body quite strictly folded into a hogtie. Back in her workout garb, EDEN WELLS arched facedown on a bed, her toe-tied bare feet hitched above her hands. Later, lying immobilized on her side, the powerless woman could only await release from the inescapable bonds by the man who'd carefully crafted them to dominate her! [September 24]
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LENA SHELBY's tight pink top and snug denim shorts are matched by taut coils of rope that leave the tape-gagged blonde star squirming in a chair. Not far away, tape- gagged Amazon BELLA ROLAND also sits trussed-up in a striped blue romper; maneuvering in her office-chair, she attempts to send out a message to rescuers on a nearby computer, then rolls closer to her partner. Although they exert plenty of energy plucking at each other's wrists and scraping tape-gagged faces together, Lena and Bella are no closer to freedom than when they started! [September 19]
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BLAIR WILLIAMS' voluptuous body was once again mastered with bonds that rendered her powerless. Her host admonished her to abandon the life of crime that had brought her into such a precarious position. When he left, the astonished young woman rolled about energetically and raised her legs high in the air... [September 17]
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The fruit thief awkwardly mouthed a lemon held in place by strips of transparent tape! Casually clothed in a tight tank top and capri's, EDEN WELLS sat bound and barefoot against a wall as she pondered the sour sensation of her lemon-gag. Soon, her disciplinarian mercifully removed it, but retained the tape to muffle her calls for help. First curling up against the wall, then rolling around on the floor, Eden exerted impressive energy battling ropework that highlighted her curvaceous body but failed to loosen the knots controlling her! [September 12]
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BELLA ROLAND's tall, powerful body is no match for the ropes tightened around her bright yellow dress. Sprawled on the floor next to LENA SHELBY and also tape-gagged, Bella wages a losing battle against bondage! [September 10]
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Homeowner BLAIR WILLIAMS allowed the unhappy thief to cover her nudity with a miniscule top and short skirt before she was tightly bound and tethered to a chair; Blair's protests were answered with mouth-stuffing and tape. As she twisted in rope, Blair Williams slipped the sandals off her bare feet but the top's removal came at her mentor's hands, which then roamed freely over those impressive breasts! [September 5]
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EDEN WELLS' lesson in the perils of larceny continued as she was once again securely tied, and placed in an office chair. The black tape-gag sealing her lips heightened the alarm in her eyes as she twisted in uncomfortable restraint that became more restrictive when additional bonds tethered her high-heeled feet to the chair-leg, and her upper body to the chair's back. With Eden pinned in place and her shoes removed, the formidable neighbor emphasized his "Thou Shalt Not Steal" message by tickling her ribs and bare feet! [September 3]
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Playing a TV detective, LENA SHELBY encounters plenty of hazardous situations, such as this one that finds her sitting on a chair, tied up in her short black dress and gagged with duct-tape. Her eyes and straining body express anxiety, but she still has hope that partner BELLA ROLAND will save the day! [August 29]
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First struggling on a couch, BLAIR WILLIAMS then slipped to the floor, where she continued to frantically battle her ropework. When she managed to stand, however, the vigilant man emphasized his control with some friendly breast-fondling! [August 27]
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After heartlessly urging HARMONY WONDER and ELIZA IBARRA to enjoy the reflections of their gagged faces in the mirror, their captors savored a final addition to their restraint -- as the ruthless men vanished from their lives, both lithe ladies arched pathetically in cross-ankle hogties! [August 22]
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When her neighbor caught EDEN WELLS purloining lemons from his tree, he decided to administer some creative personal justice! After Eden's wrists were tied and she was tape-gagged, the righteous neighbor carried her indoors, where more rope was tightened around her flowery sundress. Astonished by his reaction to what she considered to be harmless harvesting, Eden struggled vigorously after he finished lecturing her! [August 20]
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ANNY AURORA sat tied on a chair, wearing an over-mouth cloth gag. Edging cautiously off the chair, the barefoot girl knelt briefly, then sat on the floor unsuccessfully testing her strength against knotted ropes. Would the redhead keep her promise and send help for Anny? [August 15]
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When the homeowner caught buxom burglar BLAIR WILLIAMS trying to break into his house through the back door, he responded as any responsible citizen would -- by teaching Blair a stringent bondage lesson! [August 13]
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MELODY MARKS' adventurous day reached its climax when she was subjected to a hogtie that efficiently folded her bound body. After watching her writhe angrily, her dominant companion congratulated Melody on persisting through the rigorous activities she obviously enjoyed, then informed her that he'd be leaving for good! [August 8]
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Two bare-breasted PIs lay side-by-side on a bed, their arms stretched above their heads by rope-links to the bed's frame. Unhappily accustomed to ropework oppression by now, LILY ADAMS and JOCELYN SWEETS twisted back and forth while tugging against their wrist- and ankle-tethers and whimpering behind white tape-gags. The soon-to-be-retired detectives received an unpleasant surprise when they were then hogtied. Lily and Jocelyn rolled around helplessly... [August 6]
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While the triumphant villain accompanied HARMONY WONDER to retrieve the prize, his partner took charge of ELIZA IBARRA, who was left sitting tape-gagged and naked on the floor with her back against a couch. Harmony soon joined her, then the trussed-up couple writhed hopelessly together until their captor materialized to flaunt the hand-mirror once possessed by Marie Antoinette! [August 1]
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Her wrists and ankles bound, dressed in top and jeans, HOLLY MANNING edged carefully down a long staircase that seemed unending! When the barefoot and tape-gagged detective finally reached the bottom, she curled up wearily next to a door that might lead her to freedom... [July 30]
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Bathing-suited MELODY MARKS sat tied and tape-gagged on a carpet. Her mysterious guide to adventure challenged his trussed-up client to wriggle across the floor so she could reach the phone he'd tossed in the corner. Although Melody's bound ankles were tethered to a heavy metal weight, her eagerness to escape propelled her quickly to the phone. As soon as she got her hands on it, however, the sneering man quickly snatched it away -- then arranged for Melody's bare breasts to thrust through the rope surrounding them! [July 25]
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ANNY AURORA and KENDRA JAMES were moved from the bed and re-tied on the floor -- so that the hard-working villain could take a nap on the bed! Intensive resistance to their ropework finally succeeded -- but only for the redhead, who ran off alone with the whispered promise that she'd return with help to release Anny! [July 23]
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Per your request, another episode with the Silly Girl Detectives!
Caught during an undercover assignment, LILY ADAMS and JOCELYN SWEETS were restrained in rope once more. The plucky pair searched for an escape route that led them down a long stairway; they moved step-by-step until reaching the bottom. Then they stood cautiously and Lily hopped away toward a nearby door... but was quickly thwarted! Lily and Jocelyn had to sit out the rest of the case! [July 18]
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Two inexperienced investigators were beginning to regret their vocational choice! LILY ADAMS sat bound and naked on a tiled ledge above a large bathtub; as she kicked up her bare feet in frustration, Lily murmured through her cleave-gag to JOCELYN SWEETS, who squirmed in the tub below, her nude body also tightly coiled in rope. Impatient at their embarrassing predicament, Lily wriggled nimbly around the edge of the tub, then leaned back so that Jocelyn could raise her legs and pluck at her partner's wrist bonds with those delicate toes! [July 16]
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Captives ELIZA IBARRA and HARMONY WONDER stood naked and shivering after they were stripped, bound and rope-linked to an antique-laden cabinet. The cleave-gagged pair's plight grew more alarming when the cruel man slithered close and sneered as he tweaked their nipples. Suspecting that it was Harmony who was hiding the object of his desire, he rearranged their positions so that she knelt precariously on a chair while Eliza twisted on the floor! [July 11]
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ANNY AURORA and KENDRA JAMES arching hogtied on a bed, their efforts to communicate limited by maddening tape-gags -- neither captive could have imagined this uncomfortable and humiliating experience when the day began! [July 9]
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MELODY MARKS found herself standing inescapably roped to a much taller wooden post; nude and ball-gagged, she shivered in the cool room but would soon encounter a much chillier predicament! Melody vigorously contorted her naked body, rising on her bare toes. Her anxiety sharpened when the man in black slithered close to her, another glistening bit of ice in his hand. Melody's eyes widened and she gasped when the ice traced a path along her stomach and up onto her breasts until it found a home first on one nipple, then the other! [July 4]
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BELLA ROLAND's continuing exertions proved futile, to the disappointment of a man whose expectations were so high! Naked in the ropes, she strained on her knees before rolling around on the carpet. Her determination never wavered, despite hours of failure to free herself from rope entanglement! [July 2]
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The day of revenge ended with JELENA JENSEN stark naked, and HOLLY MANNING in an attractive blouse and skirt. Their limbs secured by the same white tape used to gag them, the powerless women sat on the floor with their backs to a couch. Although Jelena's wrists were taped to a couch leg, Holly's weren't, so she cautiously slid across the floor and tried to loosen her friend's bonds, first with her fingers, then her bare toes! When she was unsuccessful, Holly then edged across the floor to the door, lay on her back and attempted to open it with her feet... [June 27]
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LILY ADAMS and JOCELYN SWEETS concluded that detective work would be both interesting and lucrative, but they failed to consider its negative aspects. One downside that Jocelyn soon discovered was the possibility of lying naked, tied-up and tape-gagged after an investigation took a sinister turn. The little blonde was confident that her partner would rescue her but when Lily turned up, she was grabbed by the same thug! Soon, both sidelined investigators were waging an unsuccessful battle against restrictive ropes... [June 25]
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Bound captives ELIZA IBARRA and HARMONY WONDER attempted to peel off each other's gags. When that proved fruitless, Harmony managed to squirm off her chair. As she edged toward the door, however, a menacing figure appeared... [June 20]
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MELODY MARKS was bored with work and the rest of her life. That's why she paid the Adventure Shop to furnish some excitement; they didn't specify the nature of her adventure but promised plenty of thrills. So when a hooded figure suddenly materialized in Melody's home, she reacted enthusiastically as he took her away to a stark locale. Melody relished the opportunity to act the damsel in distress as she sat confined in wooden stocks... [June 18]
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Revelling in his control of two beautiful women, the increasingly unbalanced intruder deprived ANNY AURORA and KENDRA JAMES of their clothing before confining them to a glass-enclosed shower-stall. Standing bound and naked, murmuring through their white cleave-gags, they moved about carefully in the limited space, occasionally raising up on their bare feet and pressing their faces and breasts against the glass walls as they sought a way to escape! [June 13]
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Gagged with duct-tape, still bound and naked, LOLA PEARL and NATALIE BROOKS sat side-by-side against the headboard of the bed where they'd caressed each other lovingly such a short time before. Then it was Lola's turn to be hogtied; as she rolled around on her stomach, Natalie strained against the waist-ankle tether folding her legs so that her bare feet nearly touched her thighs... [June 11]
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Released from her embarrassing table bondage, BELLA ROLAND wondered if her unconventional job audition was over; instead she was accosted yet again! Bella soon found herself kneeling tied, cleave-gagged and naked on the floor. As a strong young woman, Bella was especially frustrated because her hands and arms had been rendered powerless, but she continued to strive for release... [June 6]
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Bewildered, ELIZA IBARRA and HARMONY WONDER denied any knowledge of the mysterious mirror that obsessed the intruders who'd tied them up. Chair-bound side-by-side, the girls strained desperately in their bonds, attempting to loosen each other's ropes... [June 4]
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The diabolical crook was far from through with his vicious campaign against his virtuous enemy Detective HOLLY MANNING! Subdued with rope and mouthing a ball-gag, Holly was tossed into a chain link cage, where she walked about anxiously in search of any means to escape! After deriving sufficient satisfaction from her futile wanderings, her oppressor negated Holly's mobility by hitching her to the door of the cage... [May 30]
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Freed from their hogties but far from freedom, two nervous nudes sat chair-bound and ball-gagged next to each other. Aware of sinister activities ongoing throughout the house, ASHLEY LANE and SCARLETT BLOOM strained feverishly against oppressive ropework until they pulled free of the tethers pinning their ankles to the chair-legs. But after sliding onto the floor and continuing to pit their strength against maddening restraint, they remained in captivity! [May 28]
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A hogtie concluded ANGELINA DIAMANTE's one-sided battle against bondage. Bright eyes wide, dark hair flowing and bare feet toe-tied, she tried to remember a time when she wasn't enslaved by knots! [May 23]
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ANNY AURORA and KENDRA JAMES writhed with increasing energy after their breasts were exposed by their crazed captor! The anxious new acquaintances then challenged their formidable bonds on the floor, where shiny lace-up boots contrasted with spike-heeled strappy sandals! [May 21]
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Although the client commended BELLA ROLAND's spirited resistance to her bondage, the perfectionist warned her that she might confront even more harrowing challenges as his bodyguard. This prediction took shape as naked restraint that pinned Bella face-up on a table, her arms tied behind her head. After a cloth wad filled her mouth again and tape sealed her lips, the spirited nude twisted in her rope web and kicked up her bare feet. Her toe-tied feet were soon immobilized, however, when a striking alteration spread Bella's legs wide -- tethering them separately to the table-legs so that maximum pussy-exposure was generated! [May 16]
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Innocent women LOLA PEARL and NATALIE BROOKS stood tied and cleave-gagged next to each other against a wall, both in naked peril, as an increasingly unhinged villain ranted at them and menaced Natalie to undermine Lola's resistance. When he was temporarily distracted, the desperate pair tried to hop away but were quickly wrangled by their furious captor! Soon hogtied on a platform, Natalie arched vigorously while Lola sat struggling on the floor, hitched by her ropework to the platform's leg! [May 14]
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When ASHLEY LANE began her dubious investigation, she never imagined it would lead to such a stark tableau: She and SCARLETT BLOOM curled up separately in naked bondage on couches just a few feet apart. Ashley mumbled a barely audible apology for their plight through her tape-gag to the apprehensive Scarlett; tightly knotted coils of rope defied their vigorous contortions. When Ashley tried to move closer to Scarlett, even the slight chance of escape was negated by hogties that left the defeated girls facing each other in mirror images of despair! [May 9]
Enjoy this scene from It's Fun To Play Detective -- Until You're Bound And Gagged!

The ruthless winner of the game couldn't resist subjecting ANGELINA DIAMANTE to another dose of restrictive ropework, so she sat back against the bed's headboard where her ordeal had begun. Angelina wore a bright green top and tight denim shorts; her hands were raised overhead by a rope-link to an horizontal metal bar and she was gagged with microfoam tape! [May 7]
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ANNY AURORA, rising European designer, arrived for her interview. She was welcomed in by a man who invited her to have a seat. At first they were having a wonderful conversation and Anny had no idea there was something terribly wrong. Unbeknownst to Anny, the real interviewer (KENDRA JAMES) had been bound and gagged soon before her arrival; the gregarious man was actually an obsessed stalker. Suddenly a tape-gagged face and rope-clad body appeared at the patio door! [May 2]
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The vengeful man enjoyed his revelation of Detective HOLLY MANNING's full allure once her body was daringly clad in a swimsuit and she stood near a swimming-pool, trapped in a web of rope that pinned her against a massive rock! Her professional pride severely damaged by the humiliating situation, Holly raised on tiptoe in her sandals while straining desperately against the bondage that mocked her limited strength; her angry protests were muffled by the duct-tape sealing her lips! [April 30]
See this bondage on video from The Holly Manning Mysteries: A Case Of Statistical Regression!

Beautiful, athletic and six-feet tall, BELLA ROLAND was well-qualified to be a bodyguard. But a potential new client was skeptical and demanded that Bella demonstrate her ability to deal with menacing situations before he would hire her. The position he was offering paid extremely well so Bella was willing to deal with his eccentricity, which is why she accepted the application of restrictive ropework! [April 25]
Enjoy this scene from Bella's Bodyguard Training!

RILEY REYES was moved once again so that the trussed-up and cleave-gagged girl was hidden at the end of a hallway. Her admirable defiance of the leader's questionable decision was manifested in bare-skinned wriggling along the hardwood floor, interrupted by occasional intervals when Riley curled up on her hip to regain her strength! [April 23]
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"Where's Norton?" That's the demand the hooded invader made of LOLA PEARL and NATALIE BROOKS as he burst into the home! When no answer was forthcoming, the hooded nightmare twisted the ladies' romance into a callous exercise in domination! As Natalie strained bound and ball-gagged in her skimpy lingerie, he directed the defiant Lola to fondle her breasts, tweak her nipples, and tantalize her ticklish bare soles...

...then it was Lola's turn to squirm in bondage while timid Natalie caressed and tickled her! [April 18]
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Bare-skinned all over, the humiliated detectives sit tightly bound and JAYE SUMMERS and CHARITY CRAWFORD's bondage partnership brings them even closer after they're moved back onto the bed where the eye-catching blonde first met her nemesis! Subdued with matching rope webs and gagged with knotted black cleaves, the naked detectives writhe against each other. Long tethers between their ankles and the ropes knotted behind their backs interfere with sensual exploration; instead Charity and Jaye struggle face-to-face on their sides! [April 16]
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SCARLETT BLOOM stood tied to a bedpost while the paranoid man demanded to know who had sent Ashley and her to spy on his business. The nervous girl tried to explain that her friend was simply a harmless eccentric and swore that neither wanted to cause trouble. Her explanation failed to convince the hardened character so Scarlett's lips were spread by a knotted black gag, then her short white dress grew even shorter as she writhed anxiously when her breasts and pussy were exposed...! [April 11]
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ANGELINA DIAMANTE still couldn't bring herself to surrender the drive. The consequence for her stubbornness was bondage that secured naked Angelina standing to her bedpost, lips spread by a knotted white cleave. Rising high on her bare toes, the tall prisoner contended against restraint that was too strong for her, then faced defeat when her gloating nemesis appeared with the drive he'd managed to dig out of its hiding place! [April 9]
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Tied The curious contest between the annoyed spy without experience and her busy protector continued after RILEY REYES was allowed to dress in a tight top and skirt. Rope-bound and tape-gagged, she was then seated on the floor and hidden behind a table turned on its side! [April 4]
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When ASHLEY LANE heard rumors that a local house was headquarters for a burglary ring, the realtor couldn't resist snooping around the home. She was excited to discover the loot from a recent break-in but was soon caught by one of the inhabitants, who didn't buy her excuse that she'd wandered into the house while searching for promising real estate! Soon trapped in rope, Ashley had one hope: her friend SCARLETT BLOOM! When she heard Scarlett's voice calling her name, Ashley mmphed a response and her friend rushed down the hall to release her... [April 2]
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Bare-skinned all over, the humiliated detectives sit tightly bound and JAYE SUMMERS and CHARITY CRAWFORD's audacity is rewarded with ropes linking their waists and ankles; frustratingly hobbled, both contest the ropework as best they can! [March 28]
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After her heels were removed, bound and gagged Detective HOLLY MANNING rolled around on the couch, until she lay on her side with her bare feet presented so temptingly that her captor couldn't resist tickling them! [March 26]
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ARIELLA FERRERA and NIKKY THORNE squirmed in the dark and silent house, hopeful that the DANGEROUS DIVA was done and gone. However, to their dismay, the catsuited villainess returned to tie them face-to-face -- and to gleefully celebrate her successful caper with some cruel foot-tickling! [March 21]
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Bonus update! Bedtime for Foxy (ANYA IVY), although a relaxing nap was definitely not on her agenda. Instead, tape-gagged and naked, she challenged bondage that frustrated her desperate efforts to escape. An added rope linking her wrists and ankles made her contortions more difficult, to the delight of the vengeful old henchman; he'd given up trying to get answers from the feisty PI and was satisfied to hold her until his boss reappeared. Foxy was in trouble deeper than ever before -- would she ever find her way out? [March 19]
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The campaign of intimidation against Foxy (ANYA IVY) escalated after she was returned to bare-skinned restraint. Gagged with duct-tape and blindfolded, the naked investigator fought against growing panic caused by her disorientation. When the blindfold was removed, Foxy learned that she was now being supervised by the elderly henchman she'd pushed around earlier. Gloating at the reversal of fortune, he watched the bound little beauty strain angrily, then increased her immobility with ropes that folded her legs close to her chest! [March 19]
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ANGELINA DIAMANTE was asleep when a hooded figure suddenly loomed above her and pressed his hand over her mouth. Moments later, the long-legged brunette was wide awake and seated against the headboard, her skimpy black nighty outlined with white rope. After she refused the disguised man's demand for a computer drive, he gagged her with mouth-stuffing and duct-tape, then left the confused captive trapped in bondage while he searched her house! [March 14]
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When you're dreaming, it's possible to escape the inescapable, so KATE KENNEDY went on the run again, this time down a steep stairway. With another set of ropes added to her ankles, Kate's small nude body was tethered to a short wooden bench. A link between her chest harness and knees accentuated the restraint that had become the dominant imagery of Kate's sleeping mind -- and would be unlikely to disappear when she awakened! [March 12]
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The worried supervisor decided that he'd need to move RILEY REYES if he was going to keep her safe, so after the protesting nude was bound with rope and cleave-gagged, she was stashed in a shower-stall. Riley still refused to accept her humiliating protection, struggling energetically in the white-tiled enclosure and kicking open the glass door after it was closed. Once she was free of the stall, Riley twisted in the taut ropework, then lay squirming in frustration on the carpet! [March 7]
Enjoy this scene from Tied Up for her Own Good!

The one-sided game continued as Foxy (ANYA IVY) was roped standing against a post. When she remained unwilling to co-operate, her lips were once again spread by cloth-stuffing and covered with an overmouth gag. As she twisted in the rope web pinning her to the post, Foxy tried to remain courageous, but her wide eyes and nervous murmurs revealed that she was fully aware of her peril. Before long, Foxy received another reminder of her powerless state when her bra was pulled aside so that those amazing bare breasts thrust through their rope framework! [March 5]
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Bare-skinned all over, the humiliated detectives sit tightly bound and facing each other in a bathtub; although JAYE SUMMERS is tape-gagged, CHARITY CRAWFORD's cleave presents an opportunity to her partner's nimble toes. Despite the hard, shining surface, Jaye's able to maneuver her body and raise her legs until she actually pulls the gag from Charity's mouth! [February 28]
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Once again, Detective HOLLY MANNING walked into a trap as she conscientiously attempted to enforce the law! Seized by her nemesis, the lovely detective was tied, tape-gagged and seated on a couch, where the evil man left her struggling in her blue top and tight black slacks. Holly's struggles resulted in losing her shoes, but she still didn't manage to get free! [February 26]
Enjoy this scene from The Holly Manning Mysteries: A Case Of Statistical Regression!

When ARIELLA FERRERA arrived, she was stripped, bound and tape-gagged by the Dark Lady! NIKKY THORNE could only watch helplessly and mmph in dismay! [February 21]
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KATE KENNEDY stood naked and bound as mouth-stuffing and duct-tape at the hands of the enigmatic intruder silenced her! The ambiguous stimulus of a crotch-rope was impossible for her to ignore as she twisted carefully on her bare feet and turned toward a window with the slight hope of attracting attention from a passerby. But in an instant, the window might as well have been a mile away -- because Kate lay on her stomach, ruthlessly prostrated by a hogtie! [February 19]
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Spirited trainee RILEY REYES battled with all her strength against the tape bondage as she rolled around on the bed, then tried to slide onto the floor, but additional coils secured around Riley's chest and thighs assured that she would remain helpless! [February 14]
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Foxy Green (ANYA IVY) is one hot, street-savvy detective, so she had no problem throwing a scare into the thug she was interrogating. But she didn't hear the crook's boss sneaking up behind her. Only when she was grasped in his powerful arms did Foxy recognize her peril! After the sexy detective refused to answer her captor's questions, she was deprived of her clothing and seated on a couch for questioning. Her impressive proportions tempted the lecherous crook to perform a manual examination while Foxy squirmed! [February 12]
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By spread-eagling LILY ADAMS on her bed, the self-appointed judge assured that this prosecutor he'd so zealously punished would be held in contempt far into the future! The anguished lawyer yanked frantically at rope-links stretching her arms and legs to the bedposts, then was subjected to even more awkward restraint when her legs were frogged and toes tied. Before slipping away, Lily's bitter enemy casually told her that he'd inform every salacious media outlet of her plight so that her humiliation would receive appropriate coverage! [February 7]
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To MAYA BIJOU's alarm, her friend did the unthinkable: She got the money from the bank -- but then absconded with the ill-gotten gain herself! Bound and naked, the alarmed captive could hear the curses of a man enraged by the collapse of his venture. The empty-handed thief roped Maya into a hogtie, wound string around her big toes, then paid tribute to her ticklish foot-bottoms... [February 5]
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RILEY REYES was a spy-in-training when the unexpected arrival of enemy operatives required swift decision-making by her mentor. Although Riley argued that she could deal with the challenge, the senior operative contended that she simply didn't have the necessary experience; to protect her, he took drastic action! Reasoning that she should be kept out of sight, he deprived Riley of her clothing, then left her bound and gagged with duct-tape in a distant bedroom! [January 31]
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The dealer moves HARMONY WONDER and EMMA STARLETTO to a bed, where they sit tape-gagged and crotch-roped. To indulge his yen for lesbian interaction, the dealer pushes them face-to-face and links them with a taut rope connection around their waists. Trapped in this immovable web, they are ordered to engage in breast contact and gag-kissing! [January 29]
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From time to time, the DANGEROUS DIVA will practice her skill on hapless captives just to stay sharp -- and to have a little forbidden fun! Such was the motive for Diva's invasion of NIKKY THORNE's home! [January 24]
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Seated on the edge of a bathtub, KATE KENNEDY strained against ropework and mouthed a knotted black cleave-gag. When the towel fell away, Kate's curvaceous little naked body was revealed, only to slide into the tub, where she wriggled nervously as it began to fill with water! She raised her legs and attempted to turn off the spigot with her toes... [January 22]
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Despite her daunting plight, courageous nude LILY ADAMS summoned up enough energy to challenge her bondage by writhing on her side, lying back to kick up her feet, then squirming on her stomach. Lily's situation remained the same, however, after her intensive efforts to loosen the stubborn knots -- she was still bound and gagged! [January 17]
Enjoy this scene from The Grab-and-Bind of Lily Adams!

The evil captor relishes the sight of the ladies' awkward straining against his ropework, then emphasizes their powerless plight by removing the heeled sandals from their bare feet. When CHARITY CRAWFORD and JAYE SUMMERS display admirable ingenuity by using their toes to pluck at the ropes pinning down their hands and arms, he checkmates them by tying their ankles next to their wrists. This awkward position not only neutralizes the unhappy couple's mobility, but also reveals a pair of embarrassingly naked pussies! [January 15]
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MAYA BIJOU struggled against the stair rail, hoping that everything was going to work out okay. But the vicious man pulled the squirming girl's shorts down around her ankles... a humiliating exposure of her pantyless state! [January 10]
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Double-Crossed! The DANGEROUS DIVA discovered that her mysterious boss had set her up. She vowed that she would get revenge! But first, she would need to escape... [January 8]
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The dealer's sure that Ringo will pay off his debt once he's aware of EMMA STARLETTO's plight; to emphasize her vulnerability, the fragile blonde's stripped of her top, shorts and boots and bound nude in a wooden chair. Seated next to her is poor HARMONY WONDER, just as naked and wondering how she got dragged into this mess. Gleefully gagging the unfortunate students with cloth strips, the ruthless purveyor then gleans images sure to catch Ringo's attention while Emma and Harmony squirm side-by-side in bare-skinned distress! [January 3]
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ASHLY ANDERSON and BLAIR WILLIAMS were bound on opposite sides of the pillar where Ashly had stood in bondage hours before! The evildoer had certainly demonstrated his mastery of the trembling nudes, but to punctuate his triumph, the soon-to-be-ex-detectives were hogtied on the hardwood floor, where they arched in a final display of desperate defiance! [January 1, 2019]
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As the DANGEROUS DIVA roped scantily-clad IVY IRISH and taped her mouth while preparing her for display, the Diva congratulated herself on a job well done! Little did she know there was betrayal in the shadows... [December 27]
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LILY ADAMS was a prosecutorial prodigy who won a position empowering her to convict criminals soon after completing law school. But then the angry brother of a man she'd sent to prison paid her a visit! The cruel man ordered Lily Adams to strip. He taped her hands behind her back as she stood naked and shivering. Lily knelt meekly on the floor until he nudged the silenced prosecutor onto her stomach. The predatory thug hovered over his prey, enjoying her nude contortions... [December 25]
Enjoy this scene from The Grab-and-Bind of Lily Adams!

It's easy to see why detective partners CHARITY CRAWFORD and JAYE SUMMERS attract plenty of clients, but the cleave-gagged pair doesn't look particularly formidable roped to wooden deck chairs outdoors on the patio! [December 20]
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MAYA BIJOU made an escape attempt, edging down a steep stairway in nothing but shorts, a snug rope web and a black cloth gag! Before she could make it to the front door, however, her dark nemesis intervened... [December 18]
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DANGEROUS DIVA noticed she was ahead of schedule, and decided there was time for a bit of induglent tickle-torment! NIKKI NEFARIOUS struggled and squirmed, but she couldn't escape those evil gloved fingers! [December 13]
Enjoy this scene from The Dangerous Diva's Talent For Trouble!

EMMA STARLETTO and HARMONY WONDER are ordered to kneel facing each other for unconventional gag-kissing! Although they at first resist the demands for lesbian performance, they grow more erotically playful and take turns slithering their gagged faces between each other's legs while undulating on the floor! [December 11]
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Wake up, CHARITY CRAWFORD, you have a visitor -- the kind of visitor who'll stuff cloth in your mouth and secure it in place with a strip of cloth. Also the kind of man who'll leave a sexy detective struggling in rope on her bed -- until he returns to do a manual examination of her perky breasts before hogtying his prey! [December 6]
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Tied hand and foot and tape-gagged once more, the defeated detectives sat against the wall at the top of a steep stairway. Although they knew that the odds were stacked against them, ASHLY ANDERSON and BLAIR WILLIAMS edged their naked bodies down the stairs... [December 4]
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MAYA BIJOU's day got off to a rough start and never improved. On the way to a shower, Maya was grabbed by a hooded man who swiftly tied her hands behind her after the little brunette's towel fell off her naked body! Once a knotted black cloth was secured between her lips, he coiled rope tightly around Maya's breasts, then seated her on the floor. Her ankles bound and duct-tape layered over the cleave-gag, Maya rolled around on the carpet until the disguised man returned to carry her off as his scheme unfolded! [November 29]
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Her curvaceous naked body still oppressed by the knotted ropes she'd come to hate, VALENTINA NAPPI sat on the edge of the table that was uncomfortably familiar to her. Although her lips were spread by a ball-gag, her ankles and knees were snugly tied together -- a situation that soon changed after she attempted to free her wrists from their bonds. Her ankles separately connected to the table legs, Valentina writhed in full-on pussy display while the inquisitor waited impatiently for her to reveal the secrets she was hiding! [November 27]
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With trained bodyguard NIKKI NEFARIOUS on the job, Ivy was confident of her safety, and she retired confidently to her room. But Nikki had grown inattentive in recent months, so she was unprepared when the DANGEROUS DIVA suddenly appeared! Snatching someone for pay was one crime the Dangerous Diva had never committed, but an ultrawealthy client had made her an offer she couldn't refuse. The Diva figured all she needed to do was to get this bodyguard out of the way, and then Ivy would be unprotected... [November 22]
Enjoy this scene from The Dangerous Diva's Talent For Trouble!

A couple of college cuties in search of a score have instead encountered a sleazy dealer with lots of rope! Humiliation's on the agenda when EMMA STARLETTO and HARMONY WONDER stand next to a large wall-mirror; not satisfied to merely hold them in naked restraint, their demonic dealer supplies them with colorful sponge-gags that resemble outsized duck-lips! [November 20]
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Their buxom naked bodies controlled with rope and mouths covered with tape, ASHLY ANDERSON and BLAIR WILLIAMS sat in pathetic proximity at the head of the bed. The bound nudes maneuvered awkwardly around the bed as they attempted to free their wrists or strip off the tape-gags with wriggling bare toes! As they lay head-to-foot, however, Ashly and Blair were no closer to freeing themselves -- and their contortions had supplied their depraved captor with intense visual thrills! [November 15]
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It was time for the DANGEROUS DIVA to bid farewell, but she couldn't resist having a bit more fun at ANNY AURORA's expense. With her plaything sitting next to the bed, the Dark One rested her high-heeled boots on Anny's shoulders before pushing the trussed and tape-gagged captive onto her side for use as a footstool! The Diva's final touch was a tether between Anny's ankles and chest harness that folded her legs into a hogtie; as she arched on her stomach, Anny watched those black boots striding arrogantly out the bedroom door! [November 13]
Enjoy this scene on video from Anny Aurora's Memorable Diva Encounter!

ASHLY ANDERSON and BLAIR WILLIAMS were caught in the act of attempting to escape! Their gloating captor retaliated with an ingenious tie that suppressed their mobility. Legs raised and threaded through a third chair, the captives were secured by twine that tied Ashly's big toe to Blair's big toe! [November 8]
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HOLLY MANNING untied Lola, then went to check outside to see if there was a clear path to escape. While Holly was doing that, though, LOLA PEARL promptly put herself back into bondage with some handy nearby cuffs! [November 6]
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Working hard to ensure that ANNY AURORA would never forget her visit, the DANGEROUS DIVA confined Anny in a shower stall, her naked body oppressed with black rope and her lips spread with a thick black cleave-gag -- what a contrast between the shivering bound nude and her black-clad oppressor! But there was much more in store for Anny once she was roped to a chair with her legs spread; taut strings crossed between her thumbs and big toes to hold her bare soles in place for the demonic Diva to tantalize with leather-clad hands, a vibrating electric toothbrush, and snapping rubber bands! [November 1]
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New storyline debuting for Halloween, featuring the Dangerous Diva in her sexy catsuit!
Foxy blonde ANGIE SAVAGE had been boasting to everyone at the nightclub about her expensive jewelry collection! She should not have been surprised, then, when the infamous catburglar DANGEROUS DIVA later showed up at her home uninvited! [October 30]
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Naked once more, HARMONY WONDER's introduced to the restrictive ropework of the ball-tie, while appropriately mouthing a bright red ball-gag. First seated on a bed with her legs folded tightly against her chest, the wide-eyed little beauty's still capable of kicking up her toe-tied bare feet. But when a taut rope-link connects her ankles and chest-harness, Harmony lies on her side, mobility diminished to the vanishing point! [October 25]
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VALENTINA NAPPI's insolence was rewarded with a crotchrope that nestled between her legs as she lay back in spread-legged restraint on a small bench. Her lips once again sealed with tape, Valentina received a nasty reminder of her hopeless position when her left leg was raised high in the air and tethered to the top of a cabinet. Open in a way that she'd never experienced before, Valentina knew it would be difficult to hold out much longer! [October 23]
Enjoy this scene on video from Valentina Nappi: Pussybound!

Adult Starlets ASHLY ANDERSON and BLAIR WILLIAMS had become successful private investigators -- until a diabolical man tricked them into taking his case. Following his phony lead, Ashly and Blair were seized by the vicious schemer, who plunged them into his twisted world of bondage! The distressed detectives were deprived of their clothing and subjected to the profound humiliation of nude restraint. Chair-tied and cleave-gagged, Blair and Ashly twisted nervously, their impressive breasts framed with rope... [October 18]
Enjoy this scene on video from Porn Detectives!

ANNY AURORA came all the way from Germany to visit her journalist friend Xandra. They planned to discuss the DANGEROUS DIVA, a rope-wielding villainess that Xandra had been dissing in her published articles. Little did they know that the Diva had taken notice. The lovely German blonde was about to turn in when the nightmare-in-a-catsuit struck! [October 16]
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HARMONY WONDER stands naked and bound, with a black cleave-gag spreading her lips and a knotted crotch-rope teasing her pussy! Elbow bondage tests the diminutive heroine's flexibility, which receives a sterner challenge when her arms are raised high in a strappado! Harmony's rope web is completed with a link pulling her hair up to the supporting chain. [October 11]
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Because of her continuing stubborness, VALENTINA NAPPI was tied down on a bed with both wrists and knees linked to the bedposts so that the naked spy was even more widely spread than before. Despite her contortions, the tape-gagged nude was powerless in a rope web that frogged her legs into immobility! [October 9]
Enjoy this scene on video from Valentina Nappi: Pussybound!

HOLLY MANNING was interrupted in her attempt to get away, and was dragged back to the mattress. She was disappointed and frustrated, but LOLA PEARL was ecstatic to have her crush back by her side. While Lola was happily bondage-cuddling with Holly, Holly resumed wriggling and twisting... [October 4]
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HARMONY WONDER is placed face-down and secured in a cross-ankled hogtie; the evil trio vanishes but the little nude remains trapped in rope despite energetic arching! [October 2]
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Whatever the larcenous scheme may have been, VICTORIA JUNE certainly must have regretted her involvement as she lay on her bed, webbed with rope and gagged with duct-tape! Her triumphant oppressor stretched out next to her and crowed on the phone to his client about the success of his mission while casually handling Victoria's bound and wriggling body... and then she was abandoned in a hogtie! Certainly a humiliating defeat for the beautiful nude! [September 27]
Enjoy this scene on video from My Prisoner in Bondage: Victoria June!

The potential blackmailee's successful intimidation campaign concludes with SHAY RUSKIN sitting securely bound on chair in a tight pink minidress. Although the wrap-around tape-gag nullifies speech, Shay vigorously nods her assent when informed that she'll soon be released -- as long as she promises to never cause trouble again! [September 25]
Download this scene from The Grab-and-Bind of Shay Ruskin

Being tied down panty-clad on a massage table offers no relief from SHAY RUSKIN's introduction to bondage. Her wrists and ankles secured to the ends of the table, breasts framed by rope, Shay twists and whimpers, then gasps when her legs are folded back against her torso. A very remorseful grifter trapped in a rope web, Shay can't escape the disturbing sense of vulnerability overwhelming her! [September 25]
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VALENTINA NAPPI kept under the radar as a quiet, efficient executive secretary until her company's security director discovered that she was a corporate spy! Interrogation followed, but she refused to divulge the identity of the client for whom she was stealing information. Stripped of her clothes, Valentina Nappi lay naked and spread in the bed of an overturned wooden table; she was gagged with duct-tape after she remained unwilling to answer his questions! [September 20]
Enjoy this scene on video from Valentina Nappi: Pussybound!

What a mismatch: petite HARMONY WONDER is accosted by three hooded figures, who collaborate to pull the towel off her naked body, gag her with mouth stuffing and duct-tape, bind her wrists behind her, and coil rope above and below her perky breasts! [September 18]
Download the video from Tight Ties for Harmony Wonder!

Deprived of her clothing, tape-gagged VICTORIA JUNE lay stretched out on her back, hands tethered over her head. Although she was nude and powerless, spirited Victoria continued to struggle vigorously while the evil character searched her home. Resistance became more difficult, however, when he altered her restraint with vicious ingenuity by stretching a rope from her ankles to above her head! Legs pinned against her torso, Victoria could only squirm awkwardly, starkly aware that her most private parts had become shockingly public! [September 13]
Enjoy this scene on video from My Prisoner in Bondage: Victoria June!

Stripped to her shorts and tethered to an office chair, bare-breasted blackmailer SHAY RUSKIN begins to grasp what a huge mistake she's made. A chance to escape arises when Shay spies a nearby phone. Carefully wheeling the chair until she can raise her legs, the desperate woman attempts to manipulate the device with her toes, but her alert captor quickly puts a halt to the effort, then leaves Shay with her legs secured to the desk! Later, she strains in futility against the ropework tethering her to a bed's headboard; then a hogtie leaves her arching on her stomach! [September 11]
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Determined to satisfy her student, ASPEN CELESTE arranged an eye-catching bondage for herself. Tied to a wooden chair with her legs spread wide apart, the gorgeous teacher boldly presented her naked body. The sight of Miss Celeste bound and gagged brought a mischievous smile to EMILY WILLIS's face and her hands in almost immediate contact with Aspen's inviting breasts! [September 6]
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HOLLY MANNING felt the evil man's hands covering her mouth! Soon she was back in restraint, her body secured with rope, her voice muffled by tape and her bare feet pinned together by a toe-tie. As soon as her captor had left the room, Holly worked her way across the floor and started to rub her wrist-ropes against a bed-corner. With luck, she'd be able to effect an escape for herself and LOLA PEARL before the Master returned... [September 4]
Download the video from The Holly Manning Mysteries!

New storyline!
Look who's back -- it's SHAY RUSKIN! But Shay's gone too far this time, as she discovers when she attempts to blackmail an old friend. Instead of cash, Shay receives a snug rope garment followed by a mouthful of cloth topped by a dose of duct-tape! [August 30]
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If VICTORIA JUNE thought that her nemesis would become frustrated and disappear if only she maintained her innocence, she was quickly disappointed. Seated on a lounge, her naked body coiled with the duct-tape that also sealed her lips, the voluptuous girl twisted anxiously as he caressed breasts ingeniously circled by the hated tape! With contemptuous ease, he lifted Victoria's bound legs high in the air to accentuate the vulnerability of her blatantly exposed bare soles and pussy, then left her to writhe in frustration! [August 28]
Enjoy this scene on video from My Prisoner in Bondage: Victoria June!

JAYDE SYMZ's restraint was reversed so that she squirmed on her stomach. Encouraged by the ecstatic wife, the heartless crook paid tribute to Jayde's hapless position by paddling her round bottom until it turned pink! [August 23]
Download this scene from The Grab and Bind of Jayme Symz!

EMILY WILLIS and ASPEN CELESTE's slender naked bodies were controlled by rope and their lips spread by black cleave-gags. Far from the classroom, teacher and student maneuvered carefully on their knees until their nipples brushed together... [August 21]
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New storyline!
When VICTORIA JUNE rushed to answer a knock at her door, she was seized by a giant operative who would dominate her throughout a day of intimidating bondage! The curvaceous playgirl trembled as her wrists and ankles were bound with tape; when Victoria denied the brutal intruder's accusation that she was a thief, he stuffed cloth in her mouth, then secured it with strips of duct-tape! Victoria soon discovered that his style of interrogation relied heavily on fondling her breasts and mouthing her bare feet! [August 16]
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ANNY AURORA, alluring in her short pink dress, was again subdued with rope and tethered to a chair. Cloth stuffing and white tape comprised the last gag of the day, then Anny was left in bound and gagged solitude once her captor slipped the high-heeled sandals from her bare feet as a memento of his despicable achievement! [August 14]
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The retribution for Pastor Good's fraudulent career concludes as she and AMARNA MILLER stand nude, trussed and tape-gagged on the balcony where she'd mesmerized her followers with the honeyed words of her sermons. After helping himself to several more handfuls of bound breasts, the shameless avenger leaves both women tethered to the metal railing, where their bare bodies consort carnally! Her spirit finally broken, Pastor Good (LILY LABEAU) surrenders and promises to mend her ways! [August 9]
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EMILY WILLIS' subconscious served up a provocative reunion with ASPEN CELESTE that occurred after their clothes disappeared and they sat side-by-side on the carpeted floor. Both lovely nudes were subdued with efficiently-knotted ropes and gagged with white tape; at first they huddled close and tried to communicate with gag-stifled murmurs but they soon grew more daring... [August 7]
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A large bed furnished the support for JAYDE SYMZ's spreadeagled body; lip-sealing tape muffled her calls for help as she tugged with futile desperation against the ropes stretching her arms and legs to the four bedposts. Jayde arched unhappily on her back after a knotted crotch-rope suspended from a ceiling chain snaked between her legs! [August 2]
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New storyline!
After delicate student EMILY WILLIS fell asleep in the arms of her affectionate teacher Miss ASPEN CELESTE, her dreams unleashed the bondage fantasies she was reluctant to realize while awake. Dressed in a summer top and short-shorts, Emily sat roped on a chair, her dark eyes wide above the duct-tape sealing her lips. As she twisted in the taut ropework, the bound dreamer pressed her sandaled bare feet against the floor, then slipped onto it and continued to struggle... [July 31]
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Standing bound and naked had been an exercise in humiliation for ANNY AURORA, but lying trussed-up on her stomach and hitched to a bed's headboard was no improvement. Although she was unable to free herself, her athletic spirit manifested itself as tape-gagged Anny twisted onto her hip and tugged against the rope controlling her legs. Those smooth white legs were more significantly immobilized after they were drawn close to her wrists so that Anny could experience the stressful challenge of a hogtie! [July 26]
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Pastor Good (aka LILY LABEAU) is briefly freed from bondage but only so she can switch roles with barefoot AMARNA MILLER, who stands pinned to a wooden post and tape-gagged. Now it's the sexy scammer who's ordered to fondle and mouth her girlfriend's breasts, then caress her pussy, while the powerless captive whimpers in embarrassment! But there's worse to come for ticklish Amarna, who squeals and wriggles after the cruel man compels the naked pastor to tantalize her ribs with all ten fingers! [July 24]
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Although LOLA PEARL believed she was successfully recruiting Holly for the cult, her unpredictable Master strongly disagreed. The Master expressed his dissatisfaction in stringent fashion by leaving his stunning disciple in naked bondage on the floor; Lola's expressive eyes conveyed her sorrow at failing him as her lithe nude body contorted in rope and she moaned behind her tape-gag! HOLLY MANNING had been released by the Master and when she managed to elude him, she returned to find Lola writhing on her stomach. Hoping to rescue the deluded young woman, Holly tried to untie her -- but then she realized the evil man was right behind her! [July 19]
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The slender nude stood bound with tan rope and supported by a link to a metal bar above her head. Momentarily ungagged, ANNY AURORA was unable to prevent the insertion of a shiny blue ball-gag between her lips, then murmured indignantly while twisting back and forth in her limited circle of mobility. A moment of hope emerged when Anny cleverly brushed aside the curtains behind her before pressing her naked body against the glass door. Caught in the act, the defiant girl was disciplined with clinical breast-fondling! [July 17]
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Bound, naked and mouthing a white cleave-gag, JAYDE SIMZ lay twisting on her stomach, her bare feet tethered to a small bed's headboard. The powerless girl was resigned to more misery at the hands of the vicious pair and it arrived in the form of a hogtie that raised her soft bare soles to a vulnerable height. Jayde remained hogtied and arching while the creative pair planned a final surprise for her! [July 12]
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At her captor's insistent direction, AMARNA MILLER moves from foot worship to mouthing Pastor Good (LILY LABEAU)'s naked breasts! [July 10]
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New storyline!
Lovely German blonde ANNY AURORA opted for a vacation that would give her a taste of the SoCal lifestyle; what she didn't count on was a detour into bound submission! She was seized and spirited away by a towering intruder. Microfoam tape restrained her at wrists, ankles, and lips! The desperate girl rolled onto the couch while straining against the adhesive restraint, then slipped onto the floor in the hope that she could edge toward a door. But the ominous stranger was not about to let a prize like Anny escape his clutches! [July 5]
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Not surprisingly, the money-hungry thief was willing to play along with the bitter wife's nasty scheme, so a trembling JAYDE SIMZ found herself roped to a tall wooden post and clad in nothing but her black thong panties. After the ball-gagged little brunette was more securely pinned to the post by coils of rope he enthusiastically tightened around her breasts, she strained anxiously while her rival taunted her. Jayde was embarrassed by the uncontrollable drooling caused by her gag, but even deeper humiliation followed when her panties were dropped to her ankles and a crotch-rope inserted between her legs! [July 3]
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Her nude body webbed in rope from breasts to feet, TARA ASHLEY sat in an office-chair strategically placed in the kitchen. Frantic to escape her plight despite the odds against her, Tara writhed in the chair, eyes wide above the shining red ball spreading her lips! First leaning forward until her chin almost touched her knees, then folding her legs until her bare feet were drawn up onto the chair, the unhappy wife struggled frantically until her nemesis appeared with menacing forms of liquid refreshment... [June 28]
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New storyline!
When she arrived early at the office, JAYDE SIMZ was shocked to find an empty safe! A hooded figure seized her, tied her, and delivered a chilling message: he'd learned that Jayde was the mistress of the company's owner so she'd be leaving with him. Jayde was whisked away to a dark hideout and bound to a chair; the crook jammed cloth into her mouth, then sealed it in place with duct-tape! [June 26]
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AMARNA MILLER joins her spiritual leader in nudity before the bound pair are led around the property by their nemesis. After propping Pastor Good (LILY LABEAU) on a stone bench, he removes Amarna's gag and orders her to kneel and wrap her lips around her lover's bare toes! Less than enthralled by the taste of the pastor's dusty feet, the petite girl has no choice but to lick and suck! [June 21]
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Like most people, HOLLY MANNING enjoys a massage but when she lay on her back elaborately roped to the massage table, the intrepid detective knew that she was not about to have a relaxing experience! As she strained against the unforgiving rope web, Holly tried to reason with LOLA PEARL, who merely laughed disturbingly while sealing her lips with tape. Holly's bizarre encounter with the wild-eyed cult princess became even more startling, however, when the naked Lola climbed onto the table to lie on her bound and gagged friend as if she were cuddling a favorite doll! Then Lola knelt on the floor, slipped off Holly's sandals and sucked her bare toes! [June 19]
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What ALEXA GRACE couldn't have imagined was that she'd lie spreadeagled on the bed, her legs wide and pussy vulnerable! "Let this be a lesson to you!" is the message she hears from evil lips; Alexa attempts to beg for her freedom through the duct tape covering her mouth, but the aroused woman is deaf to her pleas. She visits a final indignity on Alexa by tying a vibrator next to her clit, then watches in amusement as the beautiful nude spasms against the buzzing tormentor. Alexa's paying a high price for her journalistic ambitions... [June 14]
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The bondage was a sufficiently alarming situation in itself, but things became even more disturbing for HOLLY MANNING when LOLA PEARL slithered out of her short white dress and treated the struggling detective to a naked embrace, all the while babbling about the cult to which she belonged and its wondrous Master! Lola promised Holly a marvelous future serving him but the trussed-up detective understandably remained skeptical. [June 12]
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AMARNA MILLER's hopeless struggles to untie her lover's bonds elicit harsh laughter from their captor! He uses a phone to record the naked writhings of Pastor Good (LILY LABEAU), then gropes her just for fun! [June 7]
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New storyline!
Good-hearted HOLLY MANNING decided to check on an acquaintance she hadn't seen in some time. But Holly made a crucial mistake when her memory faltered and she entered the wrong house, where she was immediately seized and held in the python-like grasp of gorgeous LOLA PEARL! Within moments, the astonished Holly sat writhing on the floor, gagged with duct-tape and tightly bound with rope coiled around her top and jeans! [June 5]
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AMARNA MILLER's no match for the tall figure; soon both she and her sugar mama sit on a bench subdued by rope and tape. Auburn-haired Amarna's demurely sexy in a tight top, skirt, stockings and heels, but the humiliated Pastor Good (LILY LABEAU) sits next to her without even a fig leaf to hide her nakedness! [May 31]
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TARA ASHLEY's ordeal continued after she was deprived of her panties and placed on the floor even more tightly bound; aggressively gagged with medwrap coiled around her head and layered with duct-tape, Tara rolled energetically on the carpet and kicked up her high-arched bare feet! After observing her provocative contortions, the arrogant man sat on the couch and pulled Tara up against his leg so he could once again dominate the powerless woman! [May 29]
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The camera's recovered but the hard-hearted woman who's overseen Alexa's interrogation decides to hold her so she can inflict more discipline! Now the apprehensive nude finds herself bound facedown on a bed, her legs raised and ankles hitched to the headboard. ALEXA GRACE writhes desperately until her ordeal takes a bizarre turn when the hooded lurker sneaks back and begins to tickle her immobilized bare feet! Alexa's tape-gag-muffled squeals are loud enough to alert her female nemesis, who rebukes the hooded creep and sends him out of the room. But she's not about to show mercy; she simply wants to keep Alexa for herself! Kneeling submissively and hitched to the headboard, the thoroughly intimidated girl twists and whimpers as she tries to imagine what could happen next. [May 24]
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New storyline!
"Praise the Lord!" intones glamorous evangelist Pastor Good (LILY LABEAU), who could have added "But pass along the cash to me!" Yes, this pastor's in the Bible biz for the bucks and this champion of family values is also concealing her lesbian relationship with luscious AMARNA MILLER. But the embittered son of a sucker she fleeced is about to rain down a plague of misery upon Pastor Good! Soon firmly trussed up in her eye-catching dress of many colors, the pastor sits in disbelief on a fountain as the avenger gags her with cloth stuffing and duct-tape! Her golden tongue silenced, she has no choice but to listen as the outraged man rants -- and also engages in some groping of her rope-framed breasts! [May 22]
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TALI DOVA and MAYA KENDRICK are delighted to have their arms lowered from the beam, but not nearly as happy when their hands are bound behind them. Seated inches from each other on a grey flannel lounge, the tied and tape-gagged nudes twist indignantly while they receive another unorthodox counseling session from the soon to be ex-head counselor! Punctuating his bizarre behavior by turning Maya and Tali onto their stomachs, he leaves them hogtied and arching while they silently resolve to never set foot in a camp again! [May 17]
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TARA ASHLEY lay securely trussed and tape-gagged, her body nude except for a pair of thong panties! As she rolled back and forth in a desperate effort to free herself from the oppressive ropework, Tara regretted the devious scheme that had turned against her; with her head on a pillow and her legs drawn up against her body, she hoped that she'd seen the last of her co-conspirator. But he had no intention of leaving such an alluring plaything, so Tara soon sat squirming on his lap while he teased her nipples! [May 15]
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The jewelry-crazed intruder refused to surrender his conviction that Stella was hiding a cache of diamonds from him, so he decided to take her to another likely location while BLAIR WILLIAMS remained at her place as insurance! The buxom beauty who'd expected to spend a few pleasant hours with her friend instead twisted in rope as she sat trussed naked to a chair and gagged with a knotted cloth! [May 10]
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Stripped naked, TARA ASHLEY sat bound and struggling on a chair; duct-tape sealed her lips. Before long, the lithe legs that had been roped together were separated and spread wide by linking her ankles to the chair's back legs. Humiliated by the blatant pussy exposure, Tara felt her shame increase when the evil man she'd allowed into her life casually fondled her breasts! [May 8]
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The important people who'd be embarrassed by ALEXA GRACE's searching camera are growing impatient, so the pressure's ratcheted up on the gutsy journalist. Her naked body trussed, Alexa Grace sits on the floor in a corner with her long legs stretched out before her; the white cloth between her lips is covered by transparent tape. When she's questioned again, a trembling Alexa finally caves and reveals the camera's location -- but if she's expecting to be released, Alexa's in for a big disappointment! The cloth goes back in her mouth and the tape seals her lips, then she's folded onto her hip by a waist-ankle tether. [May 3]
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New storyline!
TARA ASHLEY planned to surprise her husband with a lethal Valentine's day present, but when the hired operative turned against her, the stunned wife found herself tied down on her bed! Stretched diagonally between two bedposts, wrists tied above her head and slender denim-clad legs attached at the bottom of the bed, Tara protested her betrayal until she was silenced by cloth stuffed between her lips and sealed in place with duct-tape. Tara strained futilely against her restraint until the treacherous man raised her top and pulled down her jeans, then subjected her bare breasts and pussy to prolonged ice-chip torment! [May 1]
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The thief secures the indignant nudes on their knees, with their wrists tied behind each other's backs. To prevent their arms from flying free, a doubled rope-coil stretched between their legs connects their bound wrists; this strategic linkage takes on particular significance when ASPEN RAE and VANESSA VERACRUZ begin to tug on it with striking energy! Their mutual arousal grows with every stroke of that perfectly-placed dual crotch-rope; duct-tape kisses and bare-breasted grinding culminates in a noisy climax that expresses the fervent friendship of these one-time foes! [April 26]
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For her trip, ALEXA GRACE was untied and allowed to dress in a blouse and skirt. Now, as she waits anxiously, Alexa sits webbed in rope to a long-legged chair; she still won't divulge where she's hidden her camera, so a knotted black cleave has been tied between her lips! After the barefoot girl's been allowed to struggle for several minutes, she's ungagged but remains stubborn so the cleave's replaced -- and Alexa receives further incentive to talk when her breasts and pussy are exposed! [April 24]
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Contrary to their expectations, the weary young women are anything but rescued when the head counselor discovers their humiliating bondage ordeal! Instead, he castigates them for losing control of the camp and disciplines them by stripping them of their remaining garments and arranging a new ropework challenge for their naked bodies! Inside camp headquarters, MAYA KENDRICK stands tape-gagged on the hardwood floor with her arms raised overhead to a horizontal beam while the predatory leader fondles TALI DOVA! His hypocritical hands-on discipline extends to both struggling friends after Tali's positioned next to Maya in identical restraint! [April 19]
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The experience of rope bondage became unpleasantly familiar to BLAIR WILLIAMS and STELLA COX in the hours that followed, as they whimpered behind duct-tape over med-wrap gags, and eventually struggled in cross-ankle hogties! [April 17] To see this photo set, sign up for membership.
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New storyline!
ALEXA GRACE is blonde, tall and beautiful, but she prefers to be behind the camera instead of in front. An aspiring paparazza, Alexa searches for video footage that will make her reputation and bring her big money. When she catches local power figures misbehaving, she captures the moment and runs -- but not far enough! Trapped as she prepares for a shower, the leggy blonde fights back but is bound and gagged by the black-hooded figure who's always ready to solve a problem for the right price. As Alexa sits in tape-gagged bondage, the dark figure reports that the stubborn girl refuses to give up her camera's location. Then he receives his orders: Bring in Alexa for interrogation! [April 12]
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RYAN RYANS and VANESSA VERACRUZ both have a change of heart when they realize that even a small chance of escape will require co-operation. Twisting back-to-back on their hips, they pluck feverishly at each other's bound wrists... but their escape attempt ends abruptly when they're immobilized with waist-ankle tethers! [April 10]
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Feet, face, breasts, bottom -- where could this admiring exploration of Tali's bound body possibly end? Ballgagged TALI DOVA is in no position to answer the question; in fact she's in no position to do much of anything except to sit in that favorite chair with her legs spread and rigorously frogged! If there's any question about the main attraction's location, Tali's triangle-shaped bush points down at her pink pussy with arrow-sharp accuracy! Our heroine's naturally somewhat embarrassed by her exposure, especially after the thoughtful curator of her humiliation switches on a vibrator tied to her leg in just the right spot! [April 5]
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BLAIR WILLIAMS and STELLA COX had even more reason to worry after they were relocated to the floor, where they twisted awkwardly against the couch. As Stella Cox writhed, she curled onto her hip, while Blair Williams struggled energetically! [April 3]
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Production-accountant-turned-actress GISELLE PALMER was now thoroughly enjoying herself as she gloated over ALEXIS TAYLOR's topless humiliation for the benefit of the film-camera. The director insisted on take after take as Alexis sat glowering in bondage! But Giselle's masterstroke occurred when she maneuvered the Lizard Man's claws cozily around Alexis's massive mammaries -- the fire in her glistening green eyes would cause anyone to quake if she hadn't been so comprehensively bound and gagged! [March 29]
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Her interrogation had ended, but RILEY ANNE felt no relief because she still remained under the domination of unforgiving ropework. Reclining on a bed with her wrists tethered separately to the bedposts, the tape-gagged nude had to accept the bitter truth that she'd lost a very high-stakes game. One final mean-spirited detail emphasized the victory of her opponents when a vibrator was tied to the inside of Riley's leg! [March 27]
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ASPEN RAE's released from the hogtie, but she can't escape from VANESSA VERACRUZ's ropes; stripped to her skimpy panties, she's tied to the chair where she recently turned the sexy detective into her plaything! Now she's the tape-gagged toy and it's obvious that Vanessa's turned on by her amazing physique. After caressing Aspen's chest from behind, Vanessa straddles the hapless beauty's lap and applies her lips to the gag! [March 22]
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The disguised master of ceremonies explains TALI DOVA's change of circumstances by noting that she's getting behind in her work. Not the most original observation, but obviously correct because the completely naked Tali is now rope-cuffed facing the railing to show off her bottom! Her hind-quarter display really begins to sizzle, though, after the nude starlet's repositioned over a cube; hands bound behind her back and knees roped down, Tali's powerless to protect her soles from a light touch, or her bottom from a few paddle-whacks! [March 30]
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Obsessed with the belief that BLAIR WILLIAMS and STELLA COX were holding out on him, the unbalanced burglar dispensed with their clothing and stood them naked and bound against a wall! The apprehensive friends mouthed cleave-gags and strained cautiously while balancing on their strappy heeled sandals. Stella and Blair were relieved when they later stood barefoot, but the trade-off of their shoes for crotch-ropes dismayed the two innocent women who wondered if the crazed man would ever free them! [March 15]
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Sorry, RYAN RYANS, you should have called for help when you had the chance! Now you're naked again, sitting with Vanessa on the floor like her bondage twin; her partner's annoyed with the way this whole scheme has disintegrated so he wasn't very polite when he stuffed cloth in your mouth and sealed it in place with duct-tape. But VANESSA VERACRUZ didn't escape his ire as well, so she received the taut-rope-and-duct-tape treatment as well. Both of you are understandably anxious, so you turn your agitated emotions on each other with muffled epithets and angry stares! [March 13]
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Just a few feet from DOLLY LEIGH, a ball-gagged and drooling Sally now arched on a wooden table in a cross-ankled hogtie. Wielding a camera, the villain in black made it clear to the intimidated twins that he would disseminate images of their embarrassing contortions webwide. He then happily departed, leaving to Sally and Dolly the demanding task of freeing themselves! [March 8]
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Alexis assumed that their film had reached its climax with GISELLE PALMER's symbolic offering to the Lizard Man, but the inspired director decided that a twist finale was in order. That's why an indignant ALEXIS TAYLOR found herself roped to a chair while a revenge-minded Giselle stood next to her. The new star was more than happy to follow orders and ball-gag Alexis! Then Giselle yanked down the top of her former oppressor's gown and pulled off her shoes; as her soles were rudely tickled, Alexis murmured angrily at the treacherous director! [March 6]
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After CHANEL PRESTON throws off her robe and kicks away her sandals, she stands in dreamy submission as the phantom binds her wrists behind her, plants a ball-gag between her lips, then webs rope above, below and between those orbs so worthy of worship! Once her ankles are tied and she's supported rope-to-chain, Chanel twists in glorious nudity, her eyes gleaming as her arousal increases! [March 1]
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Before he went exploring in the basement, the ungrateful intruder deposited AMARNA MILLER and ELLA NOVA on a mattress in Ella's bedroom; gagged with duct tape once again, the naked housemates were restrictively folded on their hips by rope-links between their waists and ankles! When he emerged from the basement, his manic search had ended in success so Amarna and Ella were soon freed of his merciless presence. But not of their bondage, because for his final mean-spirited act, he left the unlucky girls arching hogtied! [February 27]
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MELODY WYLDE's mind told her that she was fighting a battle that she couldn't win, but her spirit refused to surrender. So she found herself back in the chair where her arduous trial began, but unclothed and more securely pinned to its metal frame. Humiliating exposure recurred after Melody's legs were untied and her ankles tethered far back on either side of the chair to open her thighs wide; eyes anxiously searching from side-to-side above the tape stifling her voice, Melody still held out hope for rescue -- but how long could she continue to believe in a cause that seemed lost? [February 22]
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RILEY ANNE's eyes flicked nervously around her and she shivered as she sat naked and trussed in a web of rope to a hard wooden chair! Her slender body mastered by her bonds and her lips spread by a red ball-gag, the operative knew that she was in over her head; when the hooded nemesis approached her with a sheet of paper in his hand, Riley trembled as she imagined what devious approach he'd attempt next. The confrontation that followed brought immediate hope to Riley, then dashed it and left her in bound and gagged despair! [February 20]
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Stripped naked, DOLLY LEIGH stood bound to a cabinet, her pink flesh oppressed by tight rope and her lips spread by a blue ball-gag! The heartless hooded figure accentuated Dolly's ordeal by mocking her gag-induced drooling and the squirming caused by a snug crotch-rope! [February 15]
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CHARLOTTE STOKELY was nude, tied up, and seated on a stool with a black cleave-gag between her lips! After Melvin departed, the luscious blonde whimpered in solitude; she began to consider the possibility that Melvin wasn't actually a fool at all! [February 13]
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The tables have turned with a vengeance and now it's ASPEN RAE seated on the bed, tightly bound in her denim shorts and snug white top, with a thick bandanna-gag tied between her lips; VANESSA VERACRUZ has returned one of Aspen's favors by tying her big toes together! But the angry detective's just getting started with her struggling opponent's shapely bare feet; to Aspen's embarrassment, she can't prevent Vanessa from hogtying her! With this formidable foe arching on her stomach, Vanessa Veracruz gleefully tickles her vulnerable soles! [February 8]
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The slightly insane directing team moved their film's conclusion into daringly bare territory by divesting the humiliated GISELLE PALMER of all clothing, then standing her naked against a wall in nerve-wracking proximity to the title character! Gagged with a bandanna, her nude body tautly rope-oppressed, Giselle gazed up in disbelief as ALEXIS TAYLOR pushed her closer to the rather inexpressive Lizard Man. To emphasize her submission, Alexis then had the powerless girl kneel on a chair directly under the reptilian mutant's empty eyes! [February 6]
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CHANEL PRESTON's been stripped to her panties and tied down on her back to a massage table! Gagged with duct tape, the embarrassed therapist makes a thrilling subject for the desires of a kinky libido as her hands and feet tug in futility against her bonds! [February 1]
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Even though AMARNA MILLER's harrowing experience had brought him no new information, the hard-hearted man arrranged a role reversal. With a nude ELLA NOVA rendered powerless and ball-gagged, it was Amarna's distasteful turn to fondle, tickle and spank her writhing housemate! [January 30]
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Moved to a tree-shaded space, captive counselors MAYA KENDRICK and TALI DOVA are gagged with white tape and their bound wrists are tethered to their knees. After their hands are re-tied behind them, Tali's shorts and sandals are removed while Maya's sneakers disappear and her frock is pulled up! Once their ankles are hitched separately to the metal chair-legs, the barefoot girls writhe and whimper, uncomfortably aware that their pussies are shockingly exposed! [January 25]
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Naked and trembling, the unlikely pair stood next to each other leaning against a wall -- tall and buxom BLAIR WILLIAMS and tiny, slender HAYDEN HENNESSEY murmured nervously to each other through their tape-gags. As they balanced uneasily on bare feet, Blair bent down so she and Hayden could try to free their mouths of the hated duct-tape! Then the partners in jeopardy turned back-to-back and attempted to loosen the wrist bonds, but their efforts failed; their nemesis approached to inform them that it was time for them to face the camera for the third time...! [January 23]
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MAYA KENDRICK's coiled with rope and she's gagged with a white cleave before she's prodded up a hill with the identically bound and gagged TALI DOVA! After the cringing counselors are herded into a small barn, their legs are secured with rope and they're seated on a bale of hay. Maya and Tali squirm in sweaty embarrassment and mumble annoyed protests to the campers who've undermined their authority, but the fun's just getting started! [January 18]
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No doubt about it -- as MELODY WYLDE rattled the chains that linked her handcuffs to those circling her ankles, she resembled a B&D neophyte much more closely than an ambitious officeholder! The contortions that raised Melody's bare soles high in the air and resulted in spread-legged pussy exposure elicited sarcastic exclamations from the cynical character. When she recognized that her cuffed hands could still reach the duct-tape gag, Melody tried to peel it off but she was foiled before she could succeed. Hands cuffed behind her and connected to her chained ankles, Melody arched futilely on the leather couch in a metallic hogtie! [January 16]
This bondage scene is also available as a video clip in the feature The Grab and Bind of Melody Wylde: Bribery by Bondage!

IVY WOLFE was ready for a happy ending to the nerve-shattering day, so after being untied she put her clothes back on while Valentina Nappi left to arrange the massive payment required by the man still holding her innocent fan. But disillusionment was about to devastate the naive girl -- Valentina reneged on her promise to ensure Ivy's release! Enraged by the failure of his scheme, the empty-handed man refused to release Ivy, instead stuffing her mouth with cloth and wrapping a microfoam gag around her head! Left bound with microfoam and duct-tape, the saddened Ivy strained in powerless solitude on the bed where she'd lain close to her fallen idol such a short time before! [January 11]
This bondage scene is available from the feature Not Quite What I Expected!

Stripped to her red bra and black panties, RILEY ANNE knelt on a massage table, but she had no expectations of a relaxing interlude because she was gagged with microfoam tape, rope-bound and linked to an overhead chain! When she continued to defy her oppressor's demands for information, he responded with intimidation, first baring her breasts and pulling down her panties, then watching as she twisted back and forth on her knees. Riley became an even more vulnerable subject of interrogation after she was hogtied; while the slender blonde squirmed and squealed, the ruthless man tickled the naked soles of her toe-tied bare feet, then added to her discomfort by icing them! [January 9]
This bondage scene is also available as a video clip in the feature The Riley Files!

Sally had found DOLLY LEIGH at last but her mission to keep her twin sister out of trouble was a dismal failure! As she sat bound to a chair and gagged with duct-tape, Sally sadly gazed at Dolly, also tied, tape-gagged and tethered to an identical chair next to her! Still clothed but bare-breasted and barefoot, the trussed-up twins vividly sensed the vulnerability of their situation with the black-clad man lurking behind them. He was clearly energized by the plight he'd inflicted on them, justified in his mind because the sisters had humiliated him online! From his warped perspective, they had persecuted him so he was returning the favor! [January 4]
You can also download this scene from The Grab and Bind of Dolly Leigh!

ASPEN RAE's unexpected journey into submission continued as she stood tethered to the stairway railing; still tape-gagged, the naked girl exerted her powerful physique in vain against knotted ropes that refused to loosen! Yet another rope was added to Aspen's bondage after her hooded tormentor materialized to gloat about his conquest; neatly installed between her legs, the crotch-rope became the most glaring symbol of her defeat. It wasn't the last, however -- that arrived when her nemesis carried in the bound and gagged BRITNEY AMBER for a voiceless farewell, then walked away with her while Aspen could only watch and whimper! [January 2, 2018]
This bondage scene is also available as a video clip in the feature Britney's Back and Aspen's Got Her!

There was no doubt about GISELLE PALMER's star quality as she sat bound with rope and tethered to a platform! Her beautiful Marilyn-Monroe eyes sparkling above her tape-gag, Giselle appeared breathtakingly ethereal in her translucent white gown. When her nemesis ALEXIS TAYLOR appeared, Giselle whimpered in desperation, but Alexis performed as a perfect villainess! And the predatory woman had a more restrictive future planned for her sweet co-star: after re-arranging Giselle on her stomach, Alexis introduced her to the rigors of a hogtie and elicited contortions of her bowed body with fingernail-bare sole contact! [December 28]
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Therapist CHANEL PRESTON continues to counsel her client until her questioning blurs into another provocative tableau: Chanel fades into an enticingly bedbound beauty! After wriggling out from under the bedcover, tape-gagged Chanel struggles in her short silk nighty against ropework that overmatches her buxom body. [December 26]
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The stranger has completed his assignment, but before exiting KYLIE SINNER's life, he assures a lengthy head-start by seating her on the floor trussed-up in rope and gagged with duct tape! Kylie's treated to a hands-on farewell, then squirms desperately on the carpet before she spots her phone still lying on the desk! After wriggling from carpet to hardwood, Kylie Sinner lies on her back and raises her legs so that her feet rest on the desk, then manages to burst the string that's tied her big toes together... [December 21]
This bondage is also on video at My Prisoner in Bondage: Kylie Sinner!

RYAN RYANS amps up her humiliation of VANESSA VERACRUZ by securing her naked on a dining table; the ball-gag Vanessa had happily installed between her blonde plaything's lips now serves its purpose in her own mouth! After watching in satisfaction as Vanessa writhes, Ryan pays her final tribute to the subjugated gang-moll's breasts and feet! Whimpering in embarrassment, Vanessa gets a last look at her nemesis when the bag Ryan once wore is placed over her head and she's left to struggle. An impressive reversal of fortune! [December 19]
This scene is also available on video from Ryan Vs. Vanessa: Bondage Frenemies!

Bondage Fool Part 4! Apparently nothing could dissuade Melvin from the belief that a hazardous afternoon in ropework would bring CHARLOTTE STOKELY back to him. So she and SARA LIZ found themselves in another awkward and humiliating position as they knelt bound and naked on a mattress, their lips sealed with strips of shining black tape! Balancing carefully side-by-side, they strained against oppressive ropework that soon included coils snaking between their pussies! Then Sara caught Melvin's eye with a loud noise behind her gag, so he peeled off the tape... [December 14]
This scene is also part of the video feature Bondage Fool!

The unfortunate girls found themselves in the foreground of another fanatical declaration by the man who'd dragged them into his crazed world! Both were bare-breasted and BLAIR WILLIAMS sat trussed and tethered to a headboard while HAYDEN HENNESSEY faced her as she sat hitched at the foot of the bed. The obsessed man once again made scapegoats of the innocent women in his manic speech to the camera; Blair and Hayden were powerless to do anything more than listen to the verbal madness and pathetically stretch out their toe-tied bare feet to each other! [December 12]
This bondage scene is available from the feature News Flash: Two Hot Girls Bound And Gagged!

VALENTINA NAPPI's resistance to her former friend's demands led him to place the tape-gagged and naked women in a position designed for maximum humiliation. Chair-bound with her legs spread wide, the stubborn starlet had to sit motionless while IVY WOLFE, who'd been tied on the floor facing her, hesitantly raised her head until it was inches away from Valentina's exposed pussy! Despite the vicious man's orders, Ivy undermined the distasteful tableau he'd created by lying back on the floor, until Valentina put an end to a battle she couldn't win by surrendering! [December 7]
This bondage scene is available from the feature Not Quite What I Expected!

Travails of a Blonde Superheroine: Parts 3, 4, and 5!
Part 3 - When ALEXA GRACE and AUDREY ROYAL are reunited, the princess has been allowed to cover her nudity but their situation otherwise remains precarious. Both the secret agent and the subject of her mission are more tightly bound than ever and their lips are spread by ball-gags!
Part 4 - The response from Audrey Royal's family hasn't been what the schemers expected, so the frustrated evildoers make things even tougher on the hapless women. Lips sealed with tape, Alexa and Audrey strain against hogties!
Part 5 - But perhaps there's reason for optimism after all -- as Audrey and Alexa stand lightly tied and ungagged, they speculate that release may be only moments away. Sorry, ladies, you're going on a trip but not the kind you're hoping for! Instead, the unhappy pair's placed facing each other in a bedspread that's roped into a cocoon holding them securely in its grasp! [December 5]
These bondage scenes are also available as single-clip downloads from the feature Travails of a Blonde Superheroine!

Convinced that AMARNA MILLER and ELLA NOVA were holding out on him, the paranoid film-seeker tried a different approach. When they still were unable to supply the answers he wanted, Ella was untied, but the sweet little redhead was bound naked and ball-gagged, then placed on the couch with her friend seated behind her. To their horror, Ella was ordered to fondle Amarna's breasts and squeeze her nipples; she initially refused but finally submitted, then followed his orders to tickle the ultra-sensitive girl's ribs and feet! Amarna's humiliation peaked after a reluctant Ella's fingers stroked her pussy while the disturbed man watched impatiently, certain that one of the unfortunate pair would ultimately reward his despicable strategy with the the films' location. [November 30]
This bondage scene is also available as a single-clip download in the feature Bondage Mystery at the Old House!

TALI DOVA's wardrobe is solely a pair of pink panties and she's tied standing to the stair-railing. A rope bra leaves no doubt that her perky breasts are the featured aspect of Tali's physique! With clinical precision, the hooded host wields an ice-chip against Tali's breasts as the tape-gagged beauty noisily expresses her disapproval! A coating of baby oil later adds a glistening touch to Tali's mammaries. [November 28]
This bondage scene is also available as a single-clip download in the feature The Grab and Bind of Tali Dova: It's the Tali Show!

Bribery by Bondage, Part 3!
Completely nude, MELODY WYLDE sat ball-gagged and tightly bound on top of the kitchen counter! There the pretty, powerless politician listened in disbelief as the despicable operative opened a new channel of intimidation. He chuckled while proposing a scenario in which the imagery of her naked plight went public, even suggesting a tabloid headline: Kinky Councilwoman Caught In The Act! Frantic to escape, Melody tried to edge off the counter but was easily trapped in an even more restrictive ball-tie! [November 23]
This bondage scene is also available as a video clip in the feature The Grab and Bind of Melody Wylde: Bribery by Bondage!

JANIRA WOLFE and CHRISSY MARIE arched in hogtied despair, eyes wide above the duct tape covering their mouths! The $10 million was meaningless but their peril was only too real -- who would come to the rescue of these heiresses? [November 21]
This bondage scene is also available as a video clip in the feature Heiresses in Bondage!

BIG NEWS! -- FM has released a new Holly Manning Mystery feature at C4S. Holly, as usual, looks amazing and her performance is again spectacular! She's tied to a stake. Tied on a bail of hay. Handcuffed and blindfolded with duct tape. Her perfect feet are either bare or in revealing sandals. Holly Manning fans won't want to miss this one! [November 16]
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Britney's Back and Aspen's Got Her! Part 2
The hooded stranger had discovered ASPEN RAE's peculiar hobby and decided that it was time for a reversal of roles. Back in her bikini, BRITNEY AMBER was eager for payback so she was happy to sit on a lounge while the muscular beauty lay bound and naked beneath her! With Aspen thoroughly tape-gagged, Britney's bare feet roamed freely over her defenseless body! When Britney's revenge was complete and she tried to leave, however, she found that the stranger had a different plan! The plan was relatively simple -- Britney and Aspen would both struggle naked together while the evil intruder contemplated their contortions! [November 16]
This bondage scene is also available as a video clip in the feature Britney's Back!

The Riley Files, Part 2
RILEY ANNE stood in her stockinged feet, roped to a post and otm-gagged. The disguised man reappeared, ungagged Riley, and demanded to know why she was working for such an evil organization! Riley retorted that she was merely a low-level employee who knew nothing about the company's activities. Unsatisfied by her answer, he repositioned Riley in the stocks! As he tickled her feet, the sinister figure bombarded Riley with question after question about the company. Riley refused to divulge anything about her employer or her own undercover status! [November 14]
This bondage scene is also available as a video clip in the feature The Riley Files!

Attired in a red polka-dot dress, GISELLE PALMER reclined on a couch, her hands tied under her knees and her mouth covered with microfoam tape! The indignant young woman's mumbled protests made no impact on delusional director ALEXIS TAYLOR, who encouraged her to resist her bondage even more energetically! To Giselle's dismay, Alexis soon entered the scene, removed the sandals from her bare feet and happily tickled the bound girl's soles! A change of position then spread-eagled Giselle as she sat on the couch; once again Alexis took pleasure in exposing the novice starlet's breasts and toying with her as the crazed director exulted! [November 9]
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The Grab and Bind of Dolly Leigh, Part 2!
Sally Leigh continued to worry about her twin sister DOLLY LEIGH, so she decided to follow her with the help of a tracking device she'd embedded in Dolly's phone. The protective sister sensed that there would be trouble ahead but she was unprepared for the shocking confrontation that awaited her. Like Dolly, she strenuously resisted the rope-wielding figure who seized her; like Dolly, her limited strength made success impossible against this remorseless man who bound and gagged her in identical fashion to her sister! [November 7]
You can also get individual video scenes from The Grab and Bind of Dolly Leigh!

Bound and Gagged for Halloween: The Conclusion!
The monster's last wicked act occurs after his beautiful subjects lie facedown in cross-ankle hogties. While BLAKE EDEN and MEGAN SAGE arch and whimper, he slowly circles the table and flourishes a serpentine object before draping it across their bodies and vanishing! Happy Halloween, ladies! [November 2]
This scene is also available on video from FM Concepts!

My Prisoner in Bondage: Kylie Sinner, Part 3!
It's a restrictive tale of the tape for KYLIE SINNER after she's dumped on a bed, her body controlled by sticky white coils! Still indignant at her astonishing descent into domination by this evil man, Kylie thrashes energetically on the bed, but kicking up her shapely bare feet only serves as an irresistable temptation to the toe-sucking malefactor! Once again, Kylie's feet are callously mouthed! When she lies on her side, momentarily motionless, Kylie's tormented by the sight of her tape-gagged image reflected back to her by yet another mirror. [October 31]
This bondage is also on video at FM CONCEPTS!

Hot Bosses Bound And Humiliated: Part 4!
Chanel was then tied face-down and her toe-tied soles were tickled! Exhilarated by his domination of the women who'd so light-heartedly disrespected him, Howard next bound CHANEL PRESTON and SHAVELLE LOVE naked and cleave-gagged, and later, tapegagged and kneeling precariously on chairs! As Howard edged out the door, his captives whimpered for release but that wasn't part of the plan -- after all, Chanel and Shavelle had made it clear just a few hours earlier that they didn't really need him! [October 26]
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Holly and Ryan, Whistleblowers in Bondage: Part 4!
It was time for the heartless fugitives to cash in on their lottery win, so while they awaited their payoff from their crooked benefactor, RYAN RYANS and HOLLY MANNING were relocated to a bedroom. Eyes wide above their tapegags, they twisted uncomfortably in bondage that extended to the toe-ties pinning their bare feet together, and listened anxiously to the troubling scheme taking shape around them! [October 24]
This bondage is also available as a video download at FM CONCEPTS!

The confident criminal was about to hit the road, but not before he played a few more games with his betrayed ex-partner and the unfortunate homeowner. At first he allowed SARA LIZ and TRILLIUM to roam naked, bound and gagged but with their legs free of rope, then arranged his playthings so that they stood face-to-face with their breasts pressed together! But their relative freedom was fleeting and they soon writhed in a horizontal finale, lying hogtied on the floor, after the proud psychopath left the scene! [October 19]
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Smart Girls Bound and Gagged, Part 5!
When the ruthless predator exhausted KYLIE NICOLE's usefulness, he returned her to bondage, seated next to LENA SHELBY on the floor. Naked and tape-gagged, their hearts beat fast as they waited to be relieved of his sinister presence! [October 17]
This scene is also available as a video download at FM Concepts!

BLAIR WILLIAMS' nemesis was happily aware that her resolve was diminishing along with her physical resources. After the busty nude was bound face-down on a slanted table with her ankles linked to a metal bar, he gave her an ultimatum that Blair wearily defied; gagged with microfoam tape, she expended her remaining energy by arching angrily while the cold-hearted character watched and waited... [October 12]
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Vacation Nightmare!
The villain places GIGI ALLENS' marvelous body in rope restraint and shapes a white tape gag around her luscious mouth. After an oral farewell to those so-suckable red toes, he's out the door. Gigi realizes she'll have to make her escape by wriggling along the floor! As determined as she's beautiful, Gigi's up to the challenge and devotes impressive energy to her effort; finally close to the door, she utters desperate muffled cries for help! [October 10]
This scene is also available as a downloadable bondage clip from FM Concepts!

Molly Mae, Pussybound!
MOLLY MAE was seated on a wooden chest, hands tied behind her and legs, of course, spread to opposite ends of the chest. A colorful sight in a red leotard that was soon strategically disarranged to bare both breasts and pussy, Molly mouthed a shiny blue ball-gag and stretched and struggled against her bonds! [October 5]
This bondage is also available as a downloadable clip from FM Concepts!

Not Quite What I Expected, Part 2!
When VALENTINA NAPPI refused to co-operate with the greedy man, she and IVY WOLFE were compelled to experience togetherness that even her biggest fan found unsettling -- stripped naked, they were trussed up and dumped on a bed! Their rope-oppressed nude bodies slithered inches away from each other as they attempted to escape until hogties effectively immobilized Ivy and Valentina! [October 3]
This bondage is also available on video from FM Concepts!

Bondage Frenemies Part 3!
VANESSA VERACRUZ sits bound and barefoot, while RYAN RYANS looms above her! Although Ryan knows it would be smart to call 911, she can't resist grabbing some payback at the not-so-tough chick's expense. Ryan inflicts some turnabout tickling on her captive's quivering soles. Soon Vanessa's rope-framed breasts are fair game for vengeful Ryan, but the once meek young wife is just getting started! A tape-gag replaces the stunned villainess's cleave and she's treated to a brief pussy massage! [September 28]
This scene is also available on video from FM Concepts!

Holly Manning And The Case Of The Tied Up Twins: the conclusion!
JENNA SATIVA challenges Molly Manning to accept ropes and gag herself, to demonstrate just how a bound and gagged heroine is supposed to make the scene come alive. When Molly accepts the challenge, she's roped to a chair and gagged with a knotted white cleave; battling her bonds with impressive vigor, the sexy agent convincingly demonstrates her acting chops. But the insulted Jenna departs to look for a new agent, leaving Molly in a bind -- however, she at least has a familiar figure with whom to share her restraint: HOLLY MANNING! [September 26]
This scene is also available on video from FM Concepts!

Bound and Gagged for Halloween, continued! BLAKE EDEN and MEGAN SAGE no longer have to worry about the nightmarish intruder's costume hijinks, but their naked state leaves them even more vulnerable! Gagged with black tape and tightly bound, they sit back-to-back... [September 21]
This scene is also available on video from FM Concepts!

Heiresses in Bondage, continued! To emphasize their submission, CHRISSY MARIE and JANIRA WOLFE were brought to their knees on a mattress, still tightly restrained and hitched to the chain. Panic-stricken, they twisted back and forth against the rope webs entangling them! [September 19]
This scene is also available on video from FM Concepts!

Travails of a Blonde Superheroine, Part 2! AUDREY ROYAL's brief hope of freedom has disappeared, along with her clothing! Seated in her familiar position on the floor but now with ropework coiled snugly around her naked body, the sexy princess chews on a knotted white cloth and looks up in despair at her would-be savior. Balancing on spiked sandals that highlight her red-nailed toes, ALEXA GRACE stands six-feet tall but she's become merely another bound and gagged pawn! Apprehensive Audrey's left alone for a period when Alexa's removed for interrogation; once more, she rolls onto her hip and struggles spirtedly but her strength is unequal to the challenge posed by knotted ropes! [September 14]
This scene is also available on video from FM Concepts!

Bondage Fool Part 3! No chairs for CHARLOTTE STOKELY and SARA LIZ any longer; instead they sat securely trussed on the carpet, both naked and cleave-gagged! Twisting and straining fruitlessly, they grew increasingly frustrated with Melvin's ludicrous attempt to win Charlotte back. The jilted boyfriend remained stubbornly committed to his obsession, however, and ratcheted up the restraint for his unfortunate subjects by hogtying them! As they arched on the carpet, bare toes pointed by the intensity of their struggling, Sara and Charlotte gazed up at Melvin with wide eyes... [September 12]
This scene is also purchasable on video from FM Concepts!

Sara's ex-burglar-partner wouldn't let up! His new arrangement of their bound bodies brought TRILLIUM and SARA LIZ even closer than before, in a way that made both cringe! Perched on a table and cleave-gagged, they twisted side-by-side until the creative creep joined Sara's left leg to Trillium's right with rope coiled around their ankles and knees! After their opposing ankles were attached to the table-legs, the powerless women's legs were blatantly spread -- a situation that embarrassed them and amused their heartless oppressor! [September 7]
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And now for Part 3 of "Bondage Mystery At The Old House!"
If ELLA NOVA and AMARNA MILLER had any doubts about the seriousness of their plight or the masked man's determination to leave with what he came for, they disappeared along with the innocent young women's clothing! Stripped to their panties, they huddled next to each other on the couch; both were gagged with duct-tape and tightly bound. They were both mystified by the loud noises resounding throughout the house until they realized that the crazed man was testing the walls and floors as he searched for the hiding place of his films! Since he was obviously distracted, the housemates edged back-to-back and attempted to loosen their respective wrist bonds, but were far from success when their oppressor took a break from his task and caught them... [September 5]
This member photo update can also be purchased as a videoclip download at FM CONCEPTS!

Now for the fulfilling double-bondage conclusion of LET'S TIE UP AUNT HOLLY!
The man in charge of Holly and Kylie arranged his playthings so that they stood next to each other with their arms connected overhead to a hanging rope. HOLLY MANNING looked regal in her provocative black dress, while vulnerable KYLIE QUINN was dressed in nothing at all! The sexy aunt and nude niece rotated and balanced carefully on their bare feet. Then the tireless troublemaker had a final surprise for Holly and Kylie before fading out of their lives: murmuring wearily to each other through the duct tape muffling their voices, they lay efficiently hogtied on the couch, their faces only a few inches apart! [August 31]

Today's update brings resolution to SIX FEET TALL AND ALL TIED UP!
The director of LENA ANDERSON's ropework ordeal wasn't quite finished! Once again that long lithe body was entirely deprived of clothing, this time stretched out on a low platform. Her breasts framed with rope, Lena lay on her back, hands tethered above her head to one of the platform's legs while her ankles were similarly tied down at its other end! Tape-gagged and humiliated by her bare-skinned exposure, energetic Lena tugged on the ropes holding her in powerless restraint but remained the subject of the perverse man's admiration! [August 29]

Revenge wouldn't be complete without allowing his former bosses to spend some quality time together, so once they were stripped to their panties masterful Howard arranged for SHAVELLE LOVE to kneel on the floor, bound hand and foot, while CHANEL PRESTON sat on a couch and thrust her toes into the unhappy girl's mouth! Chanel had resisted at first but Howard convinced her that she had no choice, so her bare feet roamed over Shavelle's face and breasts, while her soles grew damp from her protege's tongue! Shavelle's ordeal didn't end once she was raised from her knees; instead she was ball-gagged and stood tethered to a metal-railing while Chanel was commanded to fondle and lick her breasts! [August 24]

Released from the hogtie but still tightly bound, a bewildered KYLIE NICOLE curled up in her stockinged feet on the living-room carpet and listened to the gag-muffled sounds coming from the room where LENA SHELBY was being held. Only moments later, Lena joined her on the floor and the two friends murmured apprehensively through the duct-tape covering their mouths as they huddled next to each other. Their togetherness was quickly terminated, however, when Kylie was released to continue her digital servitude; Lena struggled alone and rolled onto her side after the mean-spirited crook bared her breasts! [August 22]

Today's update brings the conclusion to THE LIZARD MAN AWAKENS!
HOLLY MANNING and KRISTEN SCOTT have lost their lab coats and stand side- by-side, their tight dresses coiled with rope as they balance on high heels. They have only a few moments to speak with each other and speculate on the monster's motives before ball-gags terminate their conversation! An overhead rope connection supports the bound pair while they watch the strange creature manipulate lab equipment -- are Kristen and Holly about to become his experimental subjects? [August 17]

Here's a new storyline from this week's latest release A DAY OF MISADVENTURES FOR THE PRETTY CAMP COUNSELORS!
It's also available at FM CONCEPTS NEW 1080p STORE!
TALI DOVA's first day at camp turns restrictive when she's hazed by her charges. Dressed for summer in a tight blue crop-top, short denim shorts and strappy sandals, Tali's gagged with duct-tape, neatly tied and seated outdoors on a large rock! The frustrated counselor's vigorous struggling fails to loosen her bonds but she does manage to stand up and hop toward a tall tree before she's discovered by her more experienced friend Maya Kendrick. Maya finds Tali's plight hilarious but stops laughing when she's surrounded by the mischievous campers! [August 15]

BLAIR WILLIAMS and HAYDEN HENNESSEY had never met before and their first time together was not one they'd remember happily -- stripped to their bras and panties, the two bewildered young women sat bound on a couch! For a few moments, they spoke nervously and tried to make sense of their strange plight, but their conversation was rudely interrupted by the reappearance of the fearsome man, who stuffed cloth in their mouths, then completed their gags with duct tape! While they sat before him in bondage, he ranted toward a newly-activated camcorder, accusing Blair and Hayden of wicked behavior and promising the local citizenry that their sins would be punished! After finishing his bizarre speech, he ignored the confused targets of his indignation; left to themselves, they writhed with desperate futility until Blair lay gasping on the carpet. [August 10]

Today's update brings the conclusion to SINGLE GIRLS IN DOUBLE JEOPARDY!
It's back to the couch where MOLLY MAE's introduction to ropes and gags began; now she and CHLOE AMOUR, both still naked, bound and tape-gagged, huddle facing each other in its limited space, their knees drawn up close to the bare breasts! While their gloating nemesis leaves them briefly alone to check the drive, the weary pair quietly slide their feet onto the floor, maneuver back-to-back and pluck pathetically at wrist bonds that refuse to give way. Before departing with his prize, the heartless man folds Chloe and Molly on their hips with waist- ankle tethers; until they're freed from the immovable rope webs, the beleaguered young ladies have plenty of time to regret their misguided investigative ambitions! [August 8]

BLAIR WILLIAMS had the misfortune to drop by STELLA COX's home when the unwelcome visitor was still in charge, so she joined her friend in bondage. The burglar surprisingly allowed Stella Cox to clothe herself, then both she and Blair sat side-by-side on a couch, their tight mini-dresses highlighted by even tighter coils of rope framing their breasts! Tape- gagged and tethered to the couch-legs, Blair and Stella murmured anxiously and twisted in bound futility while the intruder searched for more glittering rewards. During a mean- spirited break from his greed-fueled efforts, he bared the breasts of his bound and gagged prey! [August 3]

It looks like the script has some serious jeopardy planned for JENNA SATIVA, so to give her a taste of action- movie techniques, she's standing naked, crotch-roped and ball-gagged in front of a green-screen, her hands hooked above her head to a hanging chain! Jenna gives an Oscar- worthy performance (if Oscars were awarded for nude-bondage histrionics), then whimpers hopefully when cop- costumed HOLLY MANNING arrives in full-rescue mode. But, of course, when the dust clears, Holly's standing in ropes next to Jenna; hands bound behind them and supported by overhead rope-links, both are now gagged with duct-tape! After Holly kicks off her shoes, she and Jenna balance on bare feet as they twist side-by-side in an awkward bondage dance! [August 1]

The intruder was as good as his word because after MELODY WYLDE was stripped to her panties, the petite politician was tied standing to a wooden post! Gagged with white tape, Melody strained and twisted against the ropes pinning her against the post, even rising on her toes in desperation. But when she maintained her resistance to the menacing man's demand that she take the bribe like all Wilson's other puppets, the stakes were raised by lowering her panties and installing a crotch-rope! [July 27]

Today's update brings the conclusion to GRAB AND BIND OF KRISTEN SCOTT: KRISTEN'S FIVE VILLIANS!
The contrast between villain and heroine has rarely been more extreme than when fragile gagged and trussed nude KRISTEN SCOTT is held high above the floor in the arms of a skull-masked and leather-clad brute! Naked and vulnerable, Kristen squirms on the lounge where he's placed her and mouths a knotted black cleave, her slender naked body overwhelmed by a tightly-knotted rope web! [July 25]

BLAIR WILLIAMS' predicament became even more perilous after she was relocated to a dungeon and tied down on a device that spread her legs in the gynecological manner. Gagged with duct-tape and feeling more naked and vulnerable than ever, Blair strained with desperate vigor but her efforts brought only a more drastic adjustment of her position that opened her legs even wider by tethering her ankles on each side of the metallic machine! [July 20]

Time to move the focus from TALI DOVA"s feet to her face as the reluctant performer sits roped to a chair; wearing a tight grey dress, Tali has a few moments to plead for release before her ever-present oppressor stuffs cloth in her mouth and seals it in place with duct tape! The spirited girl twists in the chair while tugging at her ankle tether, but her protests grow quieter when her gag's augmented by several coils of med-wrap stretched over the duct tape. Tali's eyes remain compelling after a black cloth is tied over the tape; their expressiveness is nullified, however, by a blindfold that accentuates her subjugation. [July 18]

Even the experienced bondage detective has never found herself in such a disturbing plight -- gagged with duct-tape, VANESSA VERACRUZ lies spreadeagled face-down on a bed in nothing but her thong-panties! Despite her desperate straining against the ropes tethering her wrists and ankles to the bedposts, she remains trapped in the rope web, her size-5 bare feet and curvaceous bottom glaringly vulnerable to ASPEN RAE's sturdy hands! After Vanessa still refuses to co-operate, Aspen Rae ruthlessly tickles and spanks those tempting targets, then slips a hand between her legs for some insolent pussy massaging! Finally tiring of this unconventional inquisition, Aspen leaves Vanessa alone -- but fails to notice that one of her wrist-bonds has loosened. [July 13]

Here's a new storyline from this weeks latest release THE RILEY FILES! It's also available at FM CONCEPTS NEW 1080p STORE!
A hooded man seized RILEY ANNE, an operative working undercover, bound her hands behind her back and tied a knotted black cloth between her lips! After securing her arms with several coils of rope around her chest, he seated Riley on the desk and confirmed her immobility by tying her ankles together. Riley struggled ineffectually until the mysterious man received further instructions, then abruptly picked her up and carried her off! [July 11]

Today's update brings the conclusion to GRAB AND BIND OF KATIE LYNN: BLONDIE BURGLAR IN BONDAGE!
Although KATIE LYNN is off the floor, she's still a very distressed nude thief who's pinned to a director's chair with black zip-ties tightened under her breasts and around her wrists, thighs, knees and ankles! Almost entirely immobilized, Katie's expressive eyes communicate her desperation as do the pathetic murmurs stifled by the duct tape sealing her lips! Don't you wish you'd stayed home and watched Game Of Thrones, Katie? [July 6]

If sweet RYAN RYANS thinks VANESSA VERACRUZ will get bored teasing her bound body, she's quickly disillusioned after her clothes are removed and she stands naked, trussed and tethered to a wooden cabinet! Ungagged for a moment, Ryan begs to be released but wicked Vanessa responds with a shiny red ball that she straps between the powerless girl's lips. In a few moments, Vanessa's attention -- and her hand -- wanders between Ryan's legs, where the creative villainess next locates a crotch-rope! [June 29]

Here's a new storyline from this weeks latest release A STAR IS BOUND! It's also available at FM CONCEPTS NEW 1080p STORE!
Frustrated investors told production accountant GISELLE PALMER to close down the film -- they weren't about to waste another dollar on one more day of that over-budget Lizard Man crap! When Giselle went to the set and informed the director of their decision, the eccentric auteur lost his cool and ordered assistant ALEXIS TAYLOR to seize the stunned Giselle! [June 27]

Two black-clad sorceresses kneel on the hardwood floor, their powers apparently insignificant compared to those of the skull-masked demon. To emphatically demonstrate his domination, he first seats MEGAN SAGE and BLAKE EDEN back on the table, costumes pinned to their bodies by duct-tape that also muffles their protests! Once again, he elicits a cringing response by ruining the costumes with strategically placed slashes that expose their breasts, then returning them to their knees on the floor! [June 22]

Here's a new storyline from this weeks latest release TRAVAILS OF A BLONDE SUPER HEROINE! It's also available at FM CONCEPTS NEW 1080p STORE!
Held by shadowy conspirators, princess in bondage AUDREY ROYAL is gagged with duct tape, tightly bound and hidden in the corner of a junk-strewn room, but the feisty princess refuses to surrender. Writhing across the wooden floor, Audrey makes limited progress until her eyes brighten when a surprising figure looms above her. It's secret agent ALEXA GRACE, masked and sleekly garbed in black, who's come to Audrey's rescue! [June 20]

Melvin's dubious plan went into high gear once CHARLOTTE STOKELY appeared! The annoyed object of his affection was roped to a chair in her tight pink top and black leggings; seated next to her was an even more indignant and naked SARA LIZ! Both were tape-gagged and when Charlotte kicked out at Melvin, he pulled off her pink sneakers and socks. The two stunned women writhed side-by-side until they were brought to their feet by the unrepentant dimwit, who was just getting started with his bondage agenda! [June 15]

Here's a new storyline from this weeks latest release GRAB AND BIND OF DOLLY LEIGH! It's also available at FM CONCEPTS NEW 1080p STORE!
An excitable young lady, DOLLY LEIGH was so thrilled about the upcoming costume party that she couldn't resist calling her twin sister Sally to enthuse. Level-headed Sally warned Dolly to be cautious, but the party girl was already colorfully costumed as a student and ignored her twin. Moments after entering the supposed party location, however, Dolly discovered that she'd been tricked! [June 13]

No more clothes for GIGI ALLENS, who stands naked and bound in the recessed corner of the room; she's quickly silenced with duct tape by the ruthless man who towers over his Amazonian prey! Her elegantly rope-framed breasts quiver under his fingers and Gigi moans -- is there a hint of arousal in the damsel's emotional reaction to her distress? Once he's tired of his latest game, Gigi struggles in solitude against her maddening confinement, even rising on tiptoe until it's obvious that she's trapped! After she sinks onto the floor, Gigi curls up on her hip and continues a resistance that's all too clearly futile! [June 8]

As it turned out, the confident thief was in no great hurry to leave the scene of his latest coup, as SARA LIZ and TRILLIUM learned after they were brought together and seated on a couch in nude bondage! Their naked bodies robustly restrained with ropework accentuated by toe-ties, Trillium and Sara strained in futility against unyielding bonds and murmured to each other through white tape-gags that they then attempted to remove by rubbing their faces together. After the failure of their struggles, a weary Trillium lay back, her head in Sara's lap as they waited apprehensively for the triumphant crook's next move. [June 6]

ELLA NOVA received the same rude treatment as her housemate and quickly found herself in the same alarming situation after the man she'd dismissed on the phone harshly questioned her about the films. Like AMARNA MILLER, she murmured her bewilderment past a knotted cleave-gag and like Amarna, she felt the intensive agitation of his fingernails on her bare soles and squealed while twisting in the ropework with which he'd secured her! When he left her bound and gagged on the couch, Ella nursed the hope that he'd departed once it was clear that she and Amarna possessed no secret knowledge. But within minutes he was back to sweep her up in his arms for a reunion with Amarna!
There are plenty of exciting scenes that could be found over on FM CONCEPTS NEW 1080p STORE at C4S, be sure to check it out! [June 1]

Here's a new storyline from this weeks latest release NOT QUITE WHAT I EXPECTED!
IVY WOLFE won a contest whose prize was a meeting with VALENTINA NAPPI; the first few moments she spent with her idol were thrilling until an angry former associate of the star made a shocking intrusion! Trapped in his shady financial scheme, wide-eyed Ivy watched as the raven-haired exotic starlet sat tied and tape-gagged on the floor in her tight minidress! Before long, Ivy's restraint, like Valentina's became literal and the vivacious girl writhed next to her idol in a colorful sundress, her bare feet wriggling in strappy sandals! [May 30]

The evildoers determined to take $10 million for themselves were frustrated by CHRISSY MARIE and JANIRA WOLFE's unwillingness to reveal the third heir's identity so they stripped the innocent heiresses and stood them side-by-side in bondage supported by a hanging chain! After stuffing their mouths with cloth, the dark figure gagged Janira and Chrissy with duct tape, then impatiently watched their futile struggling; a pair of crotch-ropes confirmed the seriousness of their plight! When their gags were removed, the bewildered girls were interrogated once more with the same lack of success. [May 25]

Their situation becomes more worrisome when the formerly combative relatives are moved into the kitchen where voluptuous Aunt HOLLY MANNING sits trussed-up and tape- gagged on the shining granite floor in a form-fitting piece of beachwear! Stripped to her panties, a sobered KYLIE QUINN sits on the counter above Holly; also gagged with duct tape, Kylie strains against ropes tightened around her buxom little body! Both women continue to resist their restraint, as Holly curls onto her hip and Kylie rolls daringly onto her side, but they succeed only in providing further excitement for the shameless voyeur! [May 23]

Time for a trip to the hideout prepared by this vicious man; after temporarily freeing his prey and ordering them back into the tops and jeans they wore when he burst into their lives, he led them into the room tape-gagged and with only their wrists tied. Once JELENA JENSEN was roped to a wooden chair with her ample breasts bared, he directed HOLLY MANNING to fondle her friend's chest; she hesitantly complied as the mean-spirited character mocked the interaction that was obviously distasteful to both women! Once the exhibition was over, Holly was also tied in a chair next to Jelena and the barefoot women twisted in futility side-by-side! [May 18]

Today's update brings the conclusion to ALEXA GRACE X-POSED!
The conclusion of her bizarre trial does finally arrive, but only after ALEXA GRACE endures a spreadeagle that pins her to the ground, each limb linked by rope to a separate metal spike driven into the earth! She's tape-gagged and utterly naked, but as Alexa twists on the mercifully-placed towel, she senses that her pussy will have to sustain one last challenge! [May 16]

Here's a new storyline from this weeks latest release BRITNEY'S BACK AND ASPENS GOT HER!
After an energetic workout, sexy muscle-girl ASPEN RAE figured that she deserved a reward for her strenuous exercise. So she went on the prowl and snatched busty and bikini-clad BRITNEY AMBER; when Aspen returned home, she was carrying the bound and gagged Britney in her arms! After tying the squirming girl to a chair, Aspen went into full domination mode by fondling and mocking the powerless Britney while straddling her, then taking selfies and phoning a friend to boast about her new plaything! [May 11]

KYLIE SINNER is a cute nerd-girl and computer whiz who was hiding a pair of secrets. Number One: Kylie's a hacker! Number Two: She'd concealed one rocking body under her modest apparel! But Kylie's hacking ID was exposed by a hooded intruder and now he's done the same to her physique so he can literally enjoy the fruits of success by snacking on her toes! [May 9]

STELLA COX was dressed again, but not in casual vacation-wear; instead she was clad in an eye-catching fishnet dress that highlighted her marvelous rope-framed breasts while spike- heeled sandals complemented her bare feet! But the taut ropework that oppressed her body and the white tape that sealed her lips emphatically indicated that this was no fashion show, so Stella was compelled to writhe desperately on a green carpet, hoping that somehow she could free herself from the situation in which she'd been trapped! [May 4]

Here's a new storyline from our latest release of the week CHANEL PRESTON'S BONDAGE THERAPY!
CHANEL PRESTON is an experienced therapist, so she's surprised to find the fantasies related to her by a client so compelling. Chanel's also an eye-catching voluptuous brunette, so when she morphs from the confident professional seated in a chair to a bewildered damsel tightly bound in her bright red blouse and short dark skirt, the result is electrifying! [May 2]

Today's update brings the conclusion to BELLE'S BIG SCORE!
After all three were released, BREE DANIELS and LENA SHELBY were dispatched with several of Niko's minions to a location for more advanced training in their future vocation. But once BELLE FATALE was unbound, she made the grievous error of complaining about her treatment to Niko and attempting to renegotiate her fee for bringing new talent to the master. Belle's discipline for her breach of respect was swift and ruthless -- she arched with frantic energy in a hogtie on the slanted table, her long hair pulled back with a rope hitched around her bare feet! While she struggled against the unforgiving ropework, Belle sadly reflected that her big score had been drastically discounted. [April 27]

To their dismay, the ominous intruder kept his promise; deprived of their dresses and stripped to their panties, MACKENZIE LOHAN and CAROL LUNA sat trussed up on the floor and hitched separately to the legs of their dining table! Their lips sealed with duct-tape, the bare-breasted girls murmured and stretched their legs out until their toe-tied bare feet nearly touched! Before leaving, he prevented any similar exertions by folding Mackenzie and Carol's legs with waist-ankle tethers, then heartlessly abandoned his powerless subjects to hours of futile writhing! [April 25]

Once again tied down on her back with her hands secured above her head, MOLLY MAE twisted in efficient ropework that frogged and spread her legs. Toe-tied and tape- gagged, the nude girl energetically expressed her resentment of the embarrassing ordeal that culminated in yet another crotch-rope! [April 20]

Busty RYAN RYANS had caught the attention of the female felon, who made sure that the unfortunate girl was stripped to her bra and panties before she was bound, her mouth stuffed with cloth and sealed with duct-tape, then seated on a red leather sofa! Tethered to one of the sofa's legs, Ryan twisted nervously under her kinky admirer's eyes, but her contortions only served to excite the bad girl, who then bared her breasts! The ruthless woman's domination reached its peak with Ryan rolled onto her side, bare feet drawn close to her bottom by a tether linking her ankles to the ropes around her chest! [April 18]

LENA ANDERSON's home office triggered the next inspiration of her nemesis -- why not have the fresh-faced young woman portray a secretary in distress? So a light-blue blouse and dark-blue skirt supplanted the shirt and jeans, while lovely Lena sat bound and gagged with tan rope and a black cleave on top of her desk! Once more those long slender legs were impossible to ignore, whether Lena was dangling them over the edge of the desk or balancing her toes on its surface. But her legs were folded once more, this time by a waist-ankle tether, so that Lena was nearly immobilized on her hip while she murmured gag-muffled pleas for release from her bizarre plight! [April 13]

Within moments, SHAVELLE LOVE sat securely roped against the bed's headboard and the mouth that had earlier opened wide with laughter at Howard was stuffed with cloth and covered with duct-tape! Of course, the avenger couldn't resist opening Shavelle's top to reveal her thrusting breasts, then savoring the sight of the barefoot little brunette twisting anxiously under his gaze. But when her movements hinted at an escape attempt, ruthless Howard abruptly intervened and wide-eyed Shavelle soon arched desperately in a cross-ankled hogtie! [April 11]

Released from the hogtie but still tightly bound, a bewildered KYLIE NICOLE curled up in her stockinged feet on the living-room carpet and listened to the gag-muffled sounds coming from the room where LENA SHELBY was being held. Only moments later, Lena joined her on the floor and the two friends murmured apprehensively through the duct-tape covering their mouths as they huddled next to each other. Their togetherness was quickly terminated, however, when Kylie was released to continue her digital servitude; Lena struggled alone and rolled onto her side after the mean-spirited crook bared her breasts! [April 6]

HOLLY MANNING and KRISTEN SCOTT have lost their lab coats and stand side- by-side, their tight dresses coiled with rope as they balance on high heels. They have only a few moments to speak with each other and speculate on the monster's motives before ball-gags terminate their conversation! An overhead rope connection supports the bound pair while they watch the strange creature manipulate lab equipment -- are Kristen and Holly about to become his experimental subjects? [April 4]

Soon after, at a location not far away, petite HAYDEN HENNESSEY struggled through her own harrowing encounter with the man in black! Seized just before she reached the front door of her home, barefoot Hayden twisted in disbelief as she was bound and gagged in nearly identical fashion to Blair's awful experience! Despite her bondage, the courageous girl wriggled back toward the door and tried to unlock it with her toes! [March 30]

Have MOLLY MAE and CHLOE AMOUR reached a stalemate with the infamous character holding them in restraint that now subdues their naked bodies? Despite his ruthless intimidation, the courageous girls refuse to surrender, even as they sit next to each other against a bed's headboard. Legs crossed at the ankles and mouths covered with duct-tape, Chloe and Molly are physically and emotionally challenged but continue to strain against ropework designed to sap their spirits! [March 28]

Today's update brings the conclusion to GRAB AND BIND OF MIA MALKOVA: MIA'S BONDAGE GHOST!
Her fresh-air subjugation concluded, MIA MALKOVA's returned to the couch where she'd chatted so happily on the phone mere hours before. Microfoam tape took the place of rope in subduing that luscious naked body, but she was gagged with cloth stuffing held in place by transparent tape. On the way out of her life, the dark figure contemptuously dropped that phone next to Mia and after strenuous contortions, she was finally able to send a message that would lead to her release -- and a quick exit from the rental that turned out to be no bargain! [March 23]

Here's a new storyline from our latest release of the week BONDAGE HAZARDS OF THE OSTENTATIOUS!
Sexy Brit celeb STELLA COX couldn't resist informing the world about her new jewelry acquisitions, with the inevitable consequence that she received a late- night visit! Voluptuous nude Stella was gagged with duct-tape before her wrists and ankles were zip-tied; while the thief rooted out her valuables she rolled about nervously on her bed! [March 21]

For their second trial run in the world of damsels in distress, HOLLY MANNING and JENNA SATIVA are tied facedown on a bed, Jenna's tethered to the footboard in her red nighty while Holly, dressed in dark blue nightwear, also wriggles on her stomach and kicks up her bare feet against a headboard rope-link. The admirably plucky pair manage to loosen the tethers so that they can edge back-to-back and try to communicate through their tape-gags, but any hopes of escape are nipped in the bud when the flopping tethers become strict and efficient connections between their wrists and ankles! [March 16]

Here's a new storyline from our latest release of the week GRAB AND BIND OF MELODY WYLDE: BRIBERY BY BONDAGE!
First-time City Councilwoman MELODY WYLDE was still a politician with ideals, so she indignantly rejected the generous bribe offered by a power-broker who didn't take kindly to negative responses. Melody discovered just how rough politics in her city could get when an operative ropes her to a chair in her kitchen and gags Melody while she listened in disbelief when the intruder kindly suggested that she reconsider her answer to his employer's offer! [March 14]

Today's update brings the conclusion to LENA VS HOLLY: A BONDAGE CUSTOM!
Turns out that HOLLY MANNING's editor is even sleazier than she imagined, so he reasons that if one hot woman in bondage will sell a lot of magazines, then two of them will sell even more! So a stunned Holly's returned to ropes; now dressed only in a colorful bikini, she sits on the floor next to LENA SHELBY, who's a vision in white ropes and black bikini! [March 9]

Dressed for the summer in a white tank top, denim shorts and flip-flops, KRISTEN SCOTT projects plenty of tough-chick attitude, but she isn't tough to avoid being bound with black rope and gagged with duct tape! Gutsy enough to wriggle in the arms of the tank- topped thug carrying her, Kristen actually kicks off one of her flip-flops before being deposited in a chair. Not the type of damsel to sit meekly in bondage, Kristen stands up carefully but the sharp-eyed crook grabs the brave girl before she can go far; pinned onto the chair with a tight loop around her thighs, Kristen twists furiously and murmurs her disdain for the oppressive creep, but the ropework wins! [March 7]

Tape-gagged BLAIR WILLIAMS found herself literally turned upside down after she was positioned on her back, her bound legs raised and hitched to a hanging chain so that her pussy was blatantly bared! Blair's powerless plight was confirmed by the ropes tying her wrists behind her knees and a knotted string that pinned her bare feet together! The beleagured young woman was close to surrendering her secret but managed to preserve it even after her bare soles were iced and her bottom swatted in unfriendly fashion! [March 2]

Here's a new storyline from our latest release of the week GRAB AND BIND OF TALI DOVA: IT'S THE TALI SHOW!
TALI DOVA looks adorable as she sits bound on a lounge in a pastel blue chemise and panties; a white cleave spreads her lips and glasses balance on her nose. But it's Tali's slender, toe-tied bare feet that become the center of attention after she's introduced by a hooded impresario! [February 28]

Matters don't improve for KATIE LYNN after she's moved back indoors; gagged with white tape now, her eyes wide with alarm, she sits tightly trussed with her back against a couch. As naked Katie nervously awaits the homeowner's next unpleasant surprise, she draws up her knees close to her chest and twists her cross-tied ankles in frustration, but the worst is yet to come! Turned over onto her stomach, Katie arches on the carpeted floor in a hogtie that emphasizes the intensity of her subjugation! [February 23]

In an instant, MEGAN SAGE and BLAKE EDEN are astonished to find themselves costumed as harem girls; their torsos wound with rope and their lips sealed with tape, blonde and brunette girlfriends stand undulating uneasily on their bare feet, then press their bare breasts together with some assistance from the mysterious figure! After briefly kneeling on the table, Blake and Megan are tethered on their hips and eye each other in alarm as the emphatically uninvited guest lurks behind them! [February 21]

Today's update brings the conclusion to THE CONEJO CAPER!
Co-operation is no longer possible for NINA NORTH and AMARNA MILLER because the tape-gagged nudes kneel against the opposite arms of a red sofa with their wrists hitched tautly to their ankles! But first Nina and Amarna will have to accept a final humiliation when they're repositioned to kneel breast-to-breast while their captor announces his triumph! [February 16]

Here's a new storyline from our latest release of the week RYAN VS VANESSA: BONDAGE FRENEMIES!
It's never a good sign when someone's led into the room with ropes tight around her torso and a bag over her head! When the bag's removed to reveal the lovely face of RYAN RYANS, her anxious eyes wide above the knotted gag between her lips, it's clear that her escort VANESSA VERACRUZ is up to no good! [February 14]

Today's update brings the conclusion to ALEXA MOVES INTO BONDAGE!
The angry girlfriend predictably ratcheted up the blonde damsel's distress by relieving ALEXA GRACE of her clothing, then placing the bound nude facedown onto a yellow lounge! A duct-tape gag muffled Alexa's murmurs as she wriggled ineffectually on her stomach under the watchful eyes of the nasty girlfriend, who was mistakenly trying to intimidate this apparent rival for Uncle Jack's affection! [February 9]

Here's a new storyline from our latest release of the week BONDAGE FOOL!
SARA LIZ was checking the odds and ends that would be worth putting on display at an estate sale when she was surprised and bound by a man wearing a hoodie! Sara was unconcerned despite her bondage because she immediately identified the poorly disguised figure as Melvin, her friend CHARLOTTE STOKELY's ex-boyfriend! [February 7]

SARA LIZ was sadly mistaken, because her devious partner had plans for her that she hadn't foreseen. Seated in an armchair and tightly trussed in her black top, jeans and sandals, the stunned and tape-gagged Sara had to listen to the conscienceless man boast about how easily he'd tricked her! He'd be taking all the loot for himself and leaving her in bondage to take the rap -- but first he'd celebrate the end of their partnership in a very special way! Breasts bared, Sara writhed in disgust as the treacherous man fondled them, then struggled on the floor after he left her to scoop up Trillium's valuables! [February 2]

Demoted from the couch, GIGI ALLENS squirms in front of it on a bright green carpet; rope has replaced tape and the voluptuous damsel has been introduced to the dubious pleasures of the hogtie, while a white cleave spreads her lush lips! Mr. Terrible looms above the securely trussed Gigi, then casually tips her onto her side and pulls down her top for another session of breast-caressing. Gigi's eye-catching bare bottom emerges as her dress rides up, so the nasty oppressor pays tribute by spanking the immobilized beauty! [January 31]

Neither Scrabble nor partying for HOLLY MANNING and KYLIE QUINN, but a deeply satisfying tableau for the disturbed interloper who observes aunt and niece sitting side-by-side on the couch; coils of white rope decorate their colorful dresses and strips of white tape seal the lips of the barefoot pair! Kylie and Holly are understandably not very happy with each other, but recognize the necessity of cooperation so, when the intruder's temporarily distracted, they swing their legs onto the couch and lean back-to-back while tugging at each other's wrist bonds! [January 26]

Here's a new storyline from our latest release of the week BONDAGE MYSTERY AT THE OLD HOUSE!
AMARNA MILLER and ELLA NOVA had their hands full trying to settle into the century-old house. Seized by a masked figure, Amarna twisted in shock as her wrists were bound behind her and a knotted cloth tied between her lips! After coiling ropes around Amarna's chest, the intruder seated her on a couch, tied her ankles together. The obsessed man pushed her onto the couch, where she lay struggling while he wandered about the house in search of his prize. Still frustrated, he returned to carry off Amarna and hide her, then waited for Ella to appear! [January 24]

Communication was impossible at first between JANIRA WOLFE and CHRISSY MARIE because they lay face-down on a bed, bound, gagged and blindfolded; their legs hitched to the headboard, the dazed girls twisted and whimpered! The intent of their bondage was clearly intimidation, but when their blindfolds were removed and the crucial question of the third heir once again put to them, both continued to deny any knowledge of the subject. The conspirators' response to Janira and Chrissy's resistance was to bare their breasts and place them against the headboard with their legs still tethered; panic-stricken, they rolled around on the bed but failed to defeat the ropework securing them! [January 19]

Tautly roped again and gagged with duct-tape, HOLLY MANNING then joined the unclothed JELENA JENSEN, who sat identically gagged and bound on her bed! Revelling in his control of these two alluring women, this bitter man watched happily as Holly and Jelena rolled awkwardly around on the bed, their futile efforts to free themselves merely stoking his conviction that he had impressively humiliated the woman who had rejected him -- and Holly was a pleasant bonus! [January 17]

Clad in a black thong bikini and sandals, ALEXA GRACE is spending some time poolside confined to a wide wooden bench with her arms tied separately to the benchposts and her ankles roped together; a bright red ball-gag muffles the objections that Alexa keeps trying to voice! When her ankles are re-tethered to the posts, the bikini bottom vanishes and her legs are secured eccentrically so that one foot contacts the cement while the other rests on the bench! [January 12]

Still nude, STELLA COX was transferred by her ominous visitor from the bedroom to an office-chair where she sat with her hands tied before her and linked to ropes around her knees. To emphasize his domination, the towering figure applied a multi-level gag consisting of a ball tightened between Stella's lips, safety tape wrapped over her mouth and around her head, and several strips of duct tape! [January 10]

No leather jacket, boots and jeans any longer for BELLE FATALE, who stood ball- gagged, naked and spread against an X-cross while two vengeful women flanked her and repaid the humiliation she'd inflicted on them! Tugging on her crotch- rope and tweaking her nipples, BREE DANIELS and LENA SHELBY relished Belle's wide- eyed alarm and high-pitched squeals. When all-powerful Niko decided, however, that their impressive display of revenge should come to an end, the bare-skinned girls were returned to bondage! [January 5]

Because CAROL LUNA and MACKENZIE LOHAN no longer felt comfortable living alone, they moved in together but were stunned when the ominous stranger followed them to their new home! Roped to wooden chairs in their short patterned dresses and tape-gagged, the intimidated pair twisted nervously while the tireless predator mocked their immobility. With Carol's shoes and Mackenzie's sandals in his hands, he sarcastically thanked the barefoot girls for this contribution to his trophy case, then decided he'd need their dresses as well! [January 3, 2017]


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